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Dec 19th


(Mr. T's Sports Report) You play to the level of your competition

(Mr. T's Sports Report) You play to the level of your competitionAs a track athlete I was talented, but lazy.  I ran my best when faced with the biggest challenges. I ran to the level of my competition.  Sometimes I would try to turn in top- notch performances when facing minimal opposition, but it was hard to duplicate that nervous fire that existed when I knew there was someone in the race that could make me look real silly if I didn’t perform somewhere close to my best.  Obviously there is a lesson to be learned there.

12-year-old bowler has the lanes in his genes

12-year-old bowler has the lanes in his genesST. LOUIS (NNPA) - It would not be a stretch to say that Jessie Mapp III was born with a bowling ball in his hands.

Bowling has been a big part of Mapp’s family for four generations. Young Jessie could not help but get involved in the family legacy. He started bowling at the age of one.


The Terrell Owens Saga continues…

The Terrell Owens Saga continues…Lawd, here we go again!  Terrell Owens got dropped by the Dallas Cowboys recently, and was then quickly snapped up by the Buffalo Bills.  But this does give me the opportunity to drop some vital information on the football fans (and those perhaps trying to understand for the sake of surprising their man).

He’s Baaaack!: Woods resurrect the world of golf

He’s Baaaack!: Woods resurrect the world of golfMardi Gras is over, and Tiger Woods is back.  A new commercial shows professional golfers embracing the flash of cameras, increased winnings, and a general jocular good time.  In the middle of one of their locker room joke sessions, Tiger Woods suddenly walks in the locker room and immediately all of the good times stop rolling (Lassiez Les Bons Temps Rouler…no mas).


March madness is coming

Some would say that it is the “most wonderful time of the year”, but most will call it March Madness. The NCAA Basketball Tournament is coming soon with all its pomp, circumstance, and buzzer-beating shots. Every year, the many who embrace the university culture join hands to pass along their bracket of 64 collegiate teams vying for the title of NCAA Basketball Champion.


NBA Mid-Season Report

The NBA All-Star Game is over, and now it’s time for the real part of the NBA season.  If you have ever gone to an NBA basketball game, you have witnessed the slow lumbering that takes place in the first half of the game, versus the “playing for money” (and stats) feel that you get from the second half of the game.  That is unless your star player cashed out in the first half.

Of steroids, mice, and men

Of steroids, mice, and menIt’s not that hard to tell when a human being is out of balance physically.  If a person has an eating problem, whether gluttony or bulimia, it ain’t hard to tell much of the time.  When people smoke too much, their faces look weathered and they become Barry White sound-a-likes.  And when people get muscularly swollen-up, and they haven’t been to jail, you have to question how they managed to go from a normal example of pique human fitness, to: “DANG!”
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