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Nov 22nd


The Gophers weather the storm well

The Gophers weather the storm wellThe Gopher Men’s Basketball team recently played for a shot at the top of the Big 10 Conference when they played the #4 ranked Purdue University Boilermakers. Commentator Steve Lavin referred to the game as a “classic Big Ten match-up,” and that is exactly what the product on the court showed. Both teams had that stout Big-10 defensive approach, and the complimentary methodical offense. But while the Gophers looked like they belonged on the same court as the #4 team in the country, it just seemed as though something was missing for the Gophers; something in addition to the 19 points needed to even the score at the end of the game.

Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. personifies classic quality

Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. personifies classic qualitySports events pale in comparison to events like Hurricane Katrina and 9-11, but it’s no coincidence that there is a sense of relief when a football or baseball game comes on in the days and months following tragic events such as those. Sometimes it gets annoying when Favre-mania and athlete sex scandals are allowed to crowd the real news of the day.

Vikings preparing for the Playoffs

Vikings preparing for the PlayoffsIn African American vernacular speech you may find the word ‘grill’ which is a synonym for face. ‘Grill’ can also be used as a verb that is synonymous with ‘stare’; for example, she was grillin’ me from all the way across the room. Wishful thinking.  I establish these terms because the Vikings’ crown prince of recession suppression (he’s bringing in money and making recession life easier for broke Minnesotans), Brett Favre, has a new look on his face. Favre officially has on his ‘Playoff Grill’ and seems poised to lead the Vikings to a place that only he on this team is familiar with, the Superbowl.

A long time coming!

For as long as I can remember I wanted to play football.  It started at Jimmy Lee Recreation Center and L.E.S. football program, where I first met up with Willie Roller and Jonathan Harden, my current teammates.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) We should wish the best for Tiger and his wife

Child, Please!  This is how Tiger Woods should have responded to the question as to whether he owes the public a greater explanation for…whatever he did.  It’s pretty sickening (and historical) the way certain people froth over the potential downfall of another.  When I see those situations develop, it always reminds me of the people who beat down the central figure in the best selling book of all-time ( if you need the title).  But the simple wisdom of it all comes down to: misery loves company, and nobody is perfect.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Notre Dame still paying for wrongdoing

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Notre Dame still paying for wrongdoingThe University of Notre Dame football program has been treated as an entity that is above its gridiron peers. With 11 national championships in their history, seven before 1950, Notre Dame has earned their place for consideration of greatness in a college football program. But whereas most college football programs play within a set division (i.e. the Gophers belong to the Big Ten Division), Notre Dame is one of the few teams listed as an Independent.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Blizzards have an opportunity for everyone

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Blizzards have an opportunity for everyoneThe ABA is back in Minnesota where it belongs. Hearing that Minnesota is considered 3rd nationally for AAU (amateur) basketball participation, the facts bear out that Minnesota is a home for basketball.
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