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Dec 18th

The Heat will likely re-ignite

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miamiheatThe Miami Heat’s chickens seem to be coming home to roost. But actually the truth of the matter is that the NBA is a league of “runs” or streaks. Most of the games involve a consistent flow of comebacks in scoring by both teams. Whichever team has the biggest run on points, which the other team doesn’t match in their runs of points, will generally be the team that wins. If you break it down like that, then the rhythm of the NBA game simply matches the basic fluctuations of a person shooting the basketball and making a hoop; sometimes you get the hot hand (and sometimes the defense is just no good).

Basketball is a great game that way.  It’s easy to figure out the ultimate problem if you’re not winning, because the ultimate problem is that the other team is putting the ball in the basket more than your team.

So with that in mind, the question is: Why can’t the Miami Heat sustain winning, especially against good teams, when they have superstars LeBron James, Dewayne Wade, and Chris Bosh?

Though the Heat is struggling a bit of late, I still feel as though they will go on another hot streak as the season tapers down.  Sometimes a new element (element meaning a player, team, new rule, coach, etc…) is introduced in sports, and it takes teams by surprise. Football fans will notice that the ‘Wildcat’ formation in football has dwindled in popularity, when some thought it would become the new standard of the league.  No, it just took teams a while to adjust.

It took the Heat a little time to adjust to themselves during the beginning weeks of the season, and everyone thought it was doomsday for them. The Heat found their groove; started whoopin’ up on every middle-of-the-road team across the league; and of course all the fans and media started thinking they might be on their way to the NBA Finals. Now, even the middle-of-the-road teams have adjusted to the Heat’s attack.

In this game of chess, with all the adjustments, the Heat are limited to only one more adjustment that they are being forced to make. That adjustment will require that LeBron “King” James, play the role of the prince. Yeah I said it. When James made the decision to go to Miami, he exposed what route he would rather take to success (pause on that). The route to success that the Heat will be forced to take, is that the ball will gravitate towards Dewayne Wade, the same way that James did in coming from Cleveland. With Chris Bosh complaining about his shot attempts as well, it will have to be James that plays the middle man, and uplift his two fellow superstars in their respective roles; Wade’s role being ‘That Dude’.

I suggest that this will be the Heat’s final possible adjustment, because their real problem is the 800lb gorilla that is NOT in the room—meaning that the rest of the team is not very good if you’re trying to win a championship. The fans should have had a confused look on their faces when the Heat had their preseason pep rally, celebrating the arrival of Bosh and James to join Wade. “Where’s the rest of the team?!!” is what they should have been shouting. “How are we going to win with just three players?!!”  It is impressive seeing the statistical lines that the ‘3 Amigos’ (James, Wade, Bosh) are able to produce on a nightly basis, but Timberwolves fans know all too well that awe inspiring statistics don’t necessarily equal awe inspiring wins—but Kevin Love breaking records is fun to watch anyway.

The Miami Heat is still in the upper crust of the Eastern Conference, when it comes to the win column. Though the Heat’s recent losing streak has exposed their two biggest problems, I still think that they are 50/50 to make the Finals out of the Eastern Conference. That ain’t bad for a three player team in a five player sport.

The ups and downs of the NBA are fun to watch, but usually in sports the end result is very predictable… in hindsight. All I know is this: King James is a hard name to live up to.


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