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Dec 21st

(Mr. T's Sports Report) The result for Blount is branding for life, and the loss of multiple millions of dollars

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ncf_blount2_200Loose lips sink ships; I’ll never forget my older brother telling me that one.  The altercation which took place following the recent University of Oregon versus Boise State University football game was a useful example of the Loose Lips Theory, and much more.  Following the incident involving Oregon star running-back LeGarratte Blount his coach referred to the young man as a good kid, and that this unforgettable event would result in a “teachable moment.”  I couldn’t agree more, but think attention needs to be paid to the larger scene, in order to absorb some greater lessons.

To explain the event from start to finish begins with a prideful statement made by Blount the week before the game.  Bible wisdom says the pride cometh before the fall, so here we go. Blount suggested that Oregon owed Boise State a (butt) whoopin’ on the football field, because Boise State, which is a smaller school than Oregon, beat Oregon in a football game last year.  Obviously, Blount felt that the potato farmers (Idaho stereotype) of Boise State, had no business beating the University of Oregon which can boast to be the birthplace of the Nike athletic shoe.  If the Nike motto is “just do it,” then the potato farmers motto must be “just do it again” because they sure helped Oregon chalk up another loss again this year. 

Naturally, Blount’s puffy talk leading up to the game reached the ears in the Boise State locker-room.  So, immediately after the game, Boise State player Byron Hout couldn’t resist completing the cycle of excessive pride, and made sure to tap Blount on the shoulder and bark out some vicious funnies like a hyena.  Ha, ha, ha, oooh! Hey dude, you got knocked out. I guess the reward for making fun of people who are angry and embarrassed is a knuckle sandwich, followed by a graceful, weightless drop to the soil below.

I must admit that in my life, I reacted the same in a similar situation, but thankfully the 3rd grader excuse works fairly well.  Unfortunately for Blount it wasn’t just the P.E. teacher watching, but rather the whole world and all of the hyperbolic, hyper-judgmental people with easy access to technological mediums to express their immediate thoughts on the shocking scene. Uh-oh. 

If the story stopped there then the teachable moment would be much more standard and simple: shut-up and play because loose lips sink ships.  But after the knockout and subsequent restraining session, Blount managed to blow-up on a teammate, and then became rabidly belligerent when the fans near the player exit began shouting a bunch of who knows what; but we can all cringe to guess what was being said. Reviews of the video thereafter report that Blount was somehow struck by a fan, which set off the final Tasmanian swirls through the security and coaching staff surrounding him.

It was this final exit scene that provided the greatest moment to ponder a few additional angles of the entire episode.  Unfortunately, the crowd surrounding the exit was monochromatic in racial appearance. Plain and simple: an entirely Caucasian crowd exploding with vehement expression at their victim, a young black man, is not a good looking scene.  This scene conjures too many thoughts that some can’t expel from their spirits, and some others can’t bare to think about in depth. The other unique element to the crowd reaction was the intermittent laughter that mixed in with the gyrations of protest. 

As for Blount, it seemed that his swirling about was choreographed in unison with the pulling and pushing movements of the crowd; and so the image of puppet strings came to mind.

At a recent book signing, professor/author/scholar Mahmoud El-Kati made a statement to the effect that: any conscious, intelligent Black man in America is angry, or carries anger in him.  If I am the sample by which that statement is judged, then the response is “damn right.”  LeGarrate Blount did not lead with honor by bumping his gums in the first place, and in doing so, he created an opportunity for the perfect storm to sweep in, sweep up his emotion, and allow puppeteers to take advantage of his loss in intelligent consciousness. The result for Blount is branding for life, and the loss of multiple millions of dollars, as he was a coveted NFL prospect. 

One of the most amazing things recognized by the African American community, in our President Barack Obama, is his poise.

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