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Dec 22nd

(Mr. T's Sports Report) The rebirth of the Travaris Jackson Fan Club

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tavarisWell, well, well.  After all that hullabaloo about Brett Favre coming to the Vikings, all of the traitors must now come back on their knees groveling for the laser-like cannon arm of the one and only Travaris Fox Jackson to save their purple dreams.

Though I’m horrible at prognostication, I have to stick my puny chest out and say that I told everybody (well, two people) that Favre was not coming to play for the Vikings.  My thoughts were that Favre looked a little old and shaky last year during his stint with the NY Jets.  It just seemed like his body’s output was beginning to match his mostly-salt and slightly-pepper hair color.  Add to that the fact that the Vikings offensive-line (the big guys who protect the quarterback, for the edification of non-sporties) has been known to step back and say, “OLE!” when some strapping, blazing fast, 6’4” 290lb defensive-end (the big guys who specialize in hurting quarterbacks) comes barreling around the corner with steam, slobber, snot, and blood pouring out of his facial grill. 

Now if you put that vision of a human-bull together with a fragile 40-year-old Brett Favre spinal column, you have the makings for one of the ugliest scenes in the history of professional sports.  Considering that Favre’s brilliant 18-year career was based with the Green Bay Packers, the potential for irony in seeing his destruction while playing with the Vikings at the end of his career would have been the worst possible way that Favre could end his Hall of Fame career.

Now Brett Favre knew all this about the potential situations if he were to join the Vikings, and thus I am saying that the whole wishy-washy media saga covering his potential comeback has been a purposeful hoodwink of a publicity stunt.  Favre has been pulling these stunts for years, and obviously sees value in trying to find ways to keep his sort-of-retired name in the news.  In this case, the “suckers for love” are the Vikings and all of their fans.

The Vikings organization now has some damage control to do because they let this whole saga drag out for far too long.  Many people had their hopes soaring over the top of the IDS Building, that Favre would come and solve the quarterback (qb) problem that has plagued the Vikings for years.  I’ve gone over it a few times in the past, but Brad Childress, while a good evaluator of talent, has failed at evaluating situations properly (some may say it reflects in his play calling also…some ends with m-e).  The Vikings have had a golden opportunity over the last few years to capitalize on a solid all-around roster that is built to win.  The simple problem has been at the quarterback position. 

Travaris Jackson has been the most talented of the bunch of qb’s that have been marched in and out of the Vikings starting line-up.  Jackson’s talent has been stifled by a lack of proper grooming.  The quarterback is known as the most difficult position in pro sports, and the Vikings basically graduated Jackson from the 8th grade to a Fortune 500 CEO overnight.

No matter the mishandlings of the past, the fact of the matter is that the Vikings have Travaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels as their potential starting qbs.  Considering that Rosenfels has been a constant fixture as a back-up qb on three previous teams (he was backing up some pretty sorry qb’s on those teams), my analysis would conclude that he is who all those other teams thought he was…a decent back-up quarterback.

And so that leaves us with superhero Travaris Jackson to save the day, complete with purple tight pants and everything.  At times, Jackson has been a clumsy superhero, but Spiderman slammed into a couple walls in the beginning, too.  Nonetheless, Jackson slings a pigskin about a fast as Spiderman slings a web.  Like Spiderman, Jackson just needs to relax and sling webs like he’s just your friendly neighborhood superhero.  If someone would just get him a book on Zen, or have him talk to Billy Dee Williams for a minute, then Jackson would cool out and realize his potential. 

The Travaris Jackson Fanclub is quietly poised to tell you, “we told you so” when the 2009 Action Jackson springs into, uh, action? Betta get’cha popcorn!

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