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Dec 18th

(Mr. T's Sports Report) A barber shop rap on the Timberwolves 2009 NBA draft

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Timberwolves absurdly had four of the 30 first round picks in this year’s NBA Draft. With this much equity there had to be some noteworthy activity from new General Manager David Kahn.  Kahn cleared house before the draft, sending away former first round pick and slight disappointment guard Randy Foye, and in addition to failed-sharpshooting forward Mike Miller.

Obviously the Timberwolves needed some fresh blood as they still settle into the transition from the Kevin Garnett era.  And what that means is a whole bunch of new faces, and a whole bunch of patience to see what the young fellas can do.

A lot of online, radio, and national television attention was given to the Timberwolves considering that they had the most picks in the draft of any team.  Following the stunning decisions of the draft, a lot of people have been left sour with the results, and some such as myself were actually very impressed with the crafty strategy that the Timberwolves head office employed.

Considering the huge variance of opinions, I figured it was better to gather the wise thoughts of the barbershop crew in order to get a broad perspective on what the Timberwolves had done.

To state the facts quickly, the Timberwolves used the first pick (#5) on flashy, Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio.  Following the draft, the sentiment has been that Rubio only wanted to join an elite, large market team in the NBA, and I can’t say I blame him considering he won’t be making much money due to having to pay back the remainder of his contract overseas.  The Timberwolves have had much difficulty at the point guard position for quite some time, and my opinion is that they were adamant about wiping out this failed history if nothing else during the course of this draft.

Well, I guess I was right, because the team used the very next pick (#6) to draft another point guard from Syracuse University by the name of Jonny Flynn.  Much of the angst from Timberwolves fans came because of this back-to-back drafting of players at the same position.

The Timberwolves then laid it on thick by drafting celebrated point guard Ty Lawson from national powerhouse North Carolina University at pick 18, and polishing off the point guard love-fest with the drafting of Lawson’s teammate at North Carolina 6’5” point guard Wayne Ellington.

I thought it was an awesome strategy for several sneaky reasons, but here is what the gentlemen with the fresh fades from Fades of Gray had to say:

Devin Benjamin, a 2nd year nose tackle for the University of North Dakota, and De La Salle High School graduate was solid in his knowledge of his hometown team suggesting, “It’s alright that they got a bunch of guards.  They needed it, plus I knew right away that it was likely someone would get traded.”

To Mr. Benjamin’s credit, the Wolves did quickly trade away the rights to Ty Lawson. Mr. Benjamin added, “I like Jonny Flynn.  He’s tough.”  Take one look at the stout young Flynn and I think most people would agree.  Wise young Mr. Benjamin forecasted, “I don’t know if they fully got better because the team is so young, but it does look promising to me.”  I tend to agree with Mr. Benjamin, and call him Mr. Benjamin because he’s about 6’3” and 300 plus a whole-bunch of lbs….and I don’t want no trouble!  As a matter of fact we’ll stop this first discussion on the Wolves draft with his thoughts, and just congratulate him on being such a success on and off the football field. No doubt we will have to do an article on Mr. Benjamin…if his picture will actually fit on the page.

Thanks to all the other gentlemen (Charles Bradley – board member of Rondo Community Landtrust, Demont J. Harris of M&I Bank, and Master Barber Julian Gray) for your comments.  Mad at me for not printing your comments? Take it up with Mr. Benjamin, and best of luck to you (Lol).

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