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Mar 26th


SLIDESHOW: Living Through the Words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

SLIDESHOW: Living Through the Words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.This year, perhaps more than ever, civil rights are at the forefront on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

St. Louis, so close to the protests and ongoing civil-rights investigation in Ferguson, was one of the first cities to honor Dr. King's life by establishing a holiday to celebrate his legacy, first observed in 1971.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis leads silent protest at Governor’s Council MLK Day event

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis leads silent protest at Governor’s Council MLK Day eventToday (Monday, January 19) we joined Governor Dayton on stage at the State of Minnesota Governor's Council on MLK Day Celebration in a silent protest to demand the leadership of the state take immediate action to institute meaningful, systemic policy solutions to address the worst racial disparities in the country. These racial disparities exist in every indicator of standards of living in our state including housing, employment, education, health, and policing.

Northsiders embrace nordic skiing

Northsiders embrace nordic skiingAnthony Taylor and Louis Moore are on a mission to help our community better connect to our own geography. People don't often say they live in North Minneapolis because they love to be outdoors and that North Minneapolis is uniquely positioned to give them the best access to great park and trail resources, Taylor says, but that can change. Founders and leaders of the storied Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota, Taylor and Moore both ride through the winter and turn their attention of other winter outdoor activities as well.

"From Prison to Ph. D:" Jason Sole's memoir tells a harrowing story

Jason Sole realized he had become a statistic when he was convicted for a felony for the third time. Since then, after a life of selling drugs, gang activity and losing close friends, Sole decided to turn his life around.

ELECTIONS 2016: 'Whites-only' strategy demographically doomed

Washington, D.C. — The political implications of the nation's changing demographics are already being felt in many states across the country. These implications are addressed in a new issue brief, "The Changing Face of America's Electorate," released today by the Center for American Progress, which examines 2016 election trends and patterns for voters of color. The CAP analysis identifies what the electorate is projected to look like in 2016 for key battleground states—including vital states such as Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina—and estimates the racial and ethnic makeup of the 2016 eligible voting population. Based on those projections, the brief demonstrates the potential political impact of electoral demographic changes through two election simulations.

Let your voice be heard: End the high costs of prison phone calls

Let your voice be heard: End the high costs of prison phone callsDid you know that more than 15,000 children in Minnesota may not have the chance to send holiday greetings to their parents? This is because these children have an incarcerated parent. Due to the high costs of prison phone calls, it is difficult for many of these children to remain in contact with their parents during the holiday season. The harsh reality is that a 15-minute collect phone call received from a loved one who is incarcerated can cost roughly $6.45. Further, these children may also miss the opportunity to visit and spend quality time with their parents, since prisoners are incarcerated an average of 100 miles away from home and their families. As you can see, phone calls are truly a vital source of communication in order for families to remain connected. The Campaign for Prison Phone Justice seeks to ensure that children and families can remain in contact with their incarcerated loved ones by advocating for the costs of prison phone calls to be capped at a reasonable amount.

MN ranked #2 in listing of the worst states for Black Americans

MN ranked #2 in listing of the worst states for Black AmericansRacial disparities in social and economic outcomes exist in all parts of the United States. Black Americans make about 62 cents for every dollar earned by white Americans. Black Americans are also twice as likely to be unemployed and considerably more likely to live in poverty.

Urban-rural partnerships may advance transportation goals

Urban-rural partnerships may advance transportation goalsKenya McKnight is leading efforts to ensure that Black community interests are front and center in the current campaign to help secure full investment in transportation and transit. McKnight serves on Metropolitan Council Transportation Advisory Board.

Mshale urges expansion of Kenya embassy services

Mshale urges expansion of Kenya embassy servicesKenya's new ambassador to the United States, Robinson Njeru Githae, held a high level discussion with Mshale founder and publisher, Tom Gitaa, at the embassy last week. Ambassador Githae presented his letter of appointment from President Uhuru Kenyatta to US president Barack Obama last month. Gitaa was in town for meetings at the Smithsonian and Newseum. The two institutions for the first time launched an exhibit called "News for All" at the Newseum and named Mshale among "100 Most Influential Ethnic Media in America."

Year end review: Politics in Minnesota

Year end review: Politics in MinnesotaRecap: Conversations with Al McFarlane – KFAI Radio December 30, 2014
In studio: Senator Bobby Champion
By Phone: Senator Jeff Hayden

Insight News Editor-in-Chief Al McFarlane calls Senator Jeff Hayden and Senator Bobby Joe Champion the "Dynamic Duo".

How music is fueling the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

How music is fueling the #BlackLivesMatter MovementLONG BEACH, Calif — I still remember the first time I heard Lupe Fiasco's "All Black Everything." I was in my apartment in Davis, Calif., where I attended college. When I heard the words, I was reminded of the history of Black people in America. It made me want to learn even more about my history. Everyone has a sphere of influence, and the music made me ask myself: "How am I using mine?"
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