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Oct 10th


Unconscious bias: Is racism still alive?

Unconscious bias: Is racism still alive?This is a last of a three part series concerning the issue of whether racism is still alive in America, which the conversation was provoked by a rash of murders of, often times, innocent African-Americans taking place throughout the country.

In Part I of this series, we discussed the rising heroin epidemic in rural Nebraska and Iowa, and the fact that it's not considered a "crime problem" but rather a "public health issue." We also discussed how such dangerous, life threatening drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, and lottery gambling, are made legal, while African-Americans, mostly men, are incarcerated, often times for life, for consensual non-violent drug transactions.

Mightier than sword: Ida B. Wells' battle against injustice

Mightier than sword: Ida B. Wells' battle against injusticeThe pen is mightier than the sword."

Ida B. Wells wielded her pen for the advancement of racial equality and racial justice. She skillfully waged war through her publications and work as editor of Memphis Free Speech and Headlight. She continued to strategically advance social change while serving as a journalist with Chicago's Daily Inter Ocean and the Chicago Conservator, one of the oldest African-American publications in the United States. On July 16, as we celebrated her 153rd birthday, we are reminded of the power of writing as advocacy. Writing is indispensable tool for leaders since it is a tactical tool that can be employed to build and sustain social change. It can be used as a tool to educate diverse audiences, organize social change initiatives and advocate for social reform.

Closing education gap would boost U.S. economy

Closing education gap would boost U.S. economyWASHINGTON (NNPA) – Men of color would earn $170 billion more a year, if they reached the same education level as White men, according to a new White House report.

The Black print: Rise of the Black millennial

The Black print: Rise of the Black millennialEleven years ago, teachers at the Clara H. Carlson School told Annis R. Sands of Elmont, N.Y., that upper-division courses would cause her excessive stress and anxiety.

Obama focuses nation on prison reform

Obama focuses nation on prison reformWashington, DC – This is a monumental, and memorable week for mass incarceration and prison reform. On Monday, President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders, Wednesday at the 106th NAACP Convention in Philadelphia he announced his support for extensive prison reform, and on Thursday, he became the first seated president to visit a federal prison. For those deeply rooted in the fight to end mass incarceration, these events and announcements provide an encouraging push toward justice, according to Rev. Michael McBride, director of PICO National Network's LIVE FREE Campaign,

Carter III brings new energy and resources

Carter III brings new energy and resourcesSo there we were.

Toni, and I sitting around this fine highly decorated dining table, at this Hubert H. Humphrey Public Leadership Awards at the McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota Campus.

Advancing the dialogue on race

Advancing the dialogue on raceSince the terrorist attack in Charleston, S.C. you've watched the news clips, listened to the experts. You've checked your social media sites regularly, liking, sharing and commenting. You've signed online petitions, attended marches and joined prayer circles. You explain to your child – yet again – what systemic racism is about and why someone would shoot innocent people in a church, why a government would disenfranchise 250,000 black Dominicans of Haitian descent, why a police officer would deliberately throw an African-American teenage girl to the ground at a pool party, why another unarmed black man has been shot by the police, and why news agencies avoid reporting on the series of Black church burnings, even when there's a historic precedence that relates such burnings to acts of hate and racism. As the words pour out of your mouth, you recognize this as an age-old conversation had between a Black parent and his or her child – a talk that is at least 400 years old.

Ball-Lacy seeks to launch reality show highlighting Blacks in STEM

Ball-Lacy seeks to launch reality show highlighting Blacks in STEMLet's face it: reality television is not doing Black people any favors.

Often, the prevailing image of Black people in almost every reality show is one of dysfunction, savagery and buffoonery. Seldom are African-Americans shown in a positive light. Even those who have achieved successes prior to television somehow seem cartoonish when shown under the lights of reality TV.

On being Afro-Latino

On being Afro-LatinoJames Garrett, Jr, 4RM+ULA managing partner and architect responded to a question I asked him recently... whether he considered himself Latino or Black. I want to share the full content of his powerful response.

Having spent 10 years building my genealogy/family trees on both sides of my family, I learned that I do not have 'Spanish blood' but rather sangre from other european populations and former slave masters in a very similar combination to many of my Afro-Latino friends/family.

Thousands march nearly 900 miles in Journey for justice

Thousands march nearly 900 miles in Journey for justiceSELMA, Alabama--The movement that began in a bungalow is traveling nearly 900 miles to the home of Dr. King's "Dream."

A coalition of organizations, led by the NAACP, embarked Saturday on an 860-mile, 40-day, 40-night march from Selma, Alabama to Washington, D.C. This initiative recalls the original Civil Rights Movement.

Scam phone calls: IRS Identifies ways to spot suspicious calls

Scam phone calls: IRS Identifies ways to spot suspicious callsThe Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert providing taxpayers with additional tips to protect themselves from telephone scam artists calling and pretending to be with the IRS.
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