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Feb 08th


Artspeak: Black Feminist Anthropology—Building an intellectual legacy one book at a time

Artspeak: Black Feminist Anthropology—Building an intellectual legacy one book at a timeCrafting a legacy is a very delicate adventure and can be quite deliberate or unintentional. In her book, A Journey that Matters: Your Personal Living Legacy, Erline Belton reminds us of the importance of establishing a “living legacy.” According to her, “…our living legacy encompasses all of who we are; our personality, our passion, our pain, our joy, our sadness, our progress, our mistakes, our love, our hate our hopes, our dreams and much more” ( The dictionary defines legacy as an inheritance, the passing down of a gift, the bequeathing of something passed through generations. African Americans are a people who have struggled to establish legacies, to pass forward cultural gifts constrained by a past history of enslavement.

Linda Faye Kidd

Linda Faye KiddApril 11, 1957 - November 22, 2013

A memorial service for Twin Cities television personality Linda Faye Kidd, was held Thursday, December 5, 2013 at First Covenant Church, 810 South 7th St., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kidd created and hosted the popular cable television show "Lemmi-O Live" in the late 80’s and early 90’s, providing career launching exposure to artists and invaluable information to the community on critical issues and ideas of the day.

Nelson Mandela dies at 95

Nelson Mandela dies at 95December 5, 2013 – President Barack Obama Thursday declared that Nelson Mandela now belongs to the ages.  Former president of South Africa and leader of the African National Congress that overthrew South Africa’s apartheid system at the ballot box, Mandela, 95, died earlier in the day in his Johannesburg home following a three month hospital stay due to a lung infection.

Warrant: Zimmerman had 5 guns when he was arrested

Warrant: Zimmerman had 5 guns when he was arrestedWhen George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic battery in mid-November, the shotgun he allegedly pointed at his live-in girlfriend was not the only weapon he had on him.

A police search warrant that has been released to the public revealed that Trayvon Martin's killer was in possession of five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition at the time of his arrest. According to the warrant, Samantha Scheibe told officers that Zimmerman had pointed his 12-gauge shotgun at her when she said she was going to call police during an argument the pair were having, asking her if "she really wanted to do that." Scheibe said that Zimmerman locked her out of the house they shared while she called 911, barricading himself inside.

Somalia, tops in corruption, pushes Prime Minister overboard

Somalia, tops in corruption, pushes Prime Minister overboardDec. 3 (GIN) – Despite hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars spent on nation building, U.S. efforts in Somalia appear to be sliding back to square one.

As the Somali government passed its one-year anniversary in September, wrangling among the leaders lead to the ouster this week of the Prime Minister. His critics accused his administration of favoritism and clan politics.

Nigerian tapped as leader by Forbes Magazine

Nigerian tapped as leader by Forbes MagazineDec. 3 (GIN) – For adapting new technologies to address the financial needs of farmers, Nigerian Minister of Agriculture Akinwumi Adesina was tapped as the Forbes Man of the Year 2013.

By introducing the e-wallet and using cell phones, Adesina said he was cutting out the middlemen and the losses due to corruption.

Ellison, Franken say HUD decision supports multifamily housing

Ellison, Franken say HUD decision supports multifamily housingRep. Keith Ellison and Sen. Al Franken said the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) decision to retain the Minneapolis Multifamily housing office means continued financing, mortgage insurance and operating assistance to a variety of multi-family apartments, nursing homes and manufactured home communities.

Observation status trends upward: A costly concern for MN seniors

Observation status trends upward: A costly concern for MN seniorsThe number of hospital patients being termed under observation is up dramatically, a trend that's catching many senior citizens off guard - and leaving them with hefty medical bills.

Mary Jo George, associate state director of advocacy with AARP Minnesota, says for coverage of some services, Medicare requires a patient to be admitted, and being there with an observation status doesn't count.

No fear? Condom use drops among Minnesota teens: 2013 could bring record high for STDs

No fear? Condom use drops among Minnesota teens: 2013 could bring record high for STDsThe teen birth rate is down in Minnesota, but another important concern about adolescent sexual health is emerging. Jill Farris with Teenwise Minnesota said condom use by teens has plateaued nationwide - and statewide, it's actually on the decline.

Choppin’ it up with Chuck Chizzle

Choppin’ it up with Chuck ChizzleI knew when I was preparing to interview DJ Chuck Chizzle I’d need to block off a large amount of time.

See, I’m a music head and I can talk music all day, but Chuck, the mix DJ for KMOJ’s Moyning Show, is a true music head and he can (and does) talk music all day. But as they say, he gets it honest.

Creating a dementia-capable community

Creating a dementia-capable communityThe African American Leadership Forum’s Health and Wellness Workgroup recently held a health luncheon at which Vanne Owens Hayes spoke about dementia and Alzheimer’s and how they affect the African-American community.
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