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Feb 12th

2012 Presidential Election information

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The Ramsey County Elections Office has prepared the following information describing preparations and procedures for the upcoming presidential election on November 6.

Hours of Voting: All polling places in Ramsey County will be open from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

Time Off from Work to Vote: State law requires employers to excuse their employees from work without loss of salary or wages before noon on Election Day in order to vote. It is not necessary to take vacation or personal leave to vote on Election Day. Voters who are working during the day are urged to take advantage of the opportunity to vote in the morning.

The lines of voters at the polling places will be shortest from noon to 3:00pm. Persons who are working second or third shifts, retired persons, college students, persons who work in or near their homes and others with flexible schedules are encouraged to vote during this time in the early afternoon.

Exit Polling: Edison Research, working for CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox and AP, will be conducting exit polls at six locations in Ramsey County on Election Day. Exit pollsters will be able to stand within 100 feet of the building where the polling places are located for the purpose of interviewing voters leaving the polling place.

News Media Access: Reporters and photographers are permitted in the polling places to observe the election process. However, they cannot converse with voters nor approach to within six feet of a voter while in the polling place. They must present their credentials to the head election judge when arriving at the polling place.

Some voters prefer not to be photographed. We ask that photographers ask for permission of the voter before shooting. We also ask that conversations with voters leaving the polling place be done in such a fashion that does not interfere or potentially influence anyone standing in line while waiting to vote.

Election Results: Vote totals are reported electronically from each polling place. Unofficial results are compiled by the Ramsey County Elections Office and displayed on the website at Results are updated frequently during the night until all precincts have reported. Results are also sent periodically to the secretary of state.

It is possible that results may be delayed coming in if there is still a line of voters waiting to vote at 8:00pm.

Post-Election Activities: The Ramsey County canvassing board will meet on Thursday, November 15 at 11:30am to canvass the results of the election and declare the winning candidates for Ramsey County legislative offices, county offices and district court offices.

The post-election review of ballots cast at the election in Ramsey County will take place on Monday, November 19 at 8:30am.

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