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Feb 08th

Stand Up!

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voteI love Ludacris’ song, “Stand Up!” The hook is straight forward: “When I move, you move…just like that?” For this article, let’s adjust the hook a little… “When I vote, you vote! Just like that!”

This year’s election cycle will be the most important for you and your family for quite sometime. Health care, public safety, immigration, education, transportation, the list goes go and on. Time to “Stand Up”!

If Minnesota’s African / African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American communities stood up collectively, we would not only shape Minneapolis’ and St Paul’s political future, but the course of Minnesota’s political direction for some time. Why?

Did you know our collective voting bloc makes up 12% of the voting population in Minnesota? This voting bloc is critical to any candidate’s success statewide and in most communities across Minnesota. That’s right, we will elect the next governor of the state of Minnesota, reshape the state legislature, county boards and school boards that represent us. Simply put, Stand Up!

Why this year?

Ask yourself if you are better off today than you were eight years ago? For a hand-full, the answer would be yes. However for the strong and very silent majority, the past eight years in Minnesota have been a major disappointment for our communities. Not just because of Gov. Pawlenty’s politics of no. It’s time to stand up and change the tune, family. Our votes in the August primary and November general election (YES, vote in both elections) will be the difference. Stand up!

Our representatives from the federal level to the local level need our support! We can start by learning about the issues, talking about those issues with your family and friends, challenging all candidates who are asking for your vote and supporting those who you believe can deliver on your behalf. We need to vote in record numbers for an “off-year” election (“off-year” elections are elections that happen opposite the presidential cycle). If we do, we will see a change in our community. Stand up!

Here is the challenge. Let’s vote together on August 10th and November 2nd in record numbers. When we stand up and march to the polls, the whole state will follow.

You want better government, Stand Up! You want better service, Stand Up! You want a better future community…STAND UP! When I vote, you vote! Just like that! Hey DJ! Bring that back!

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