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Feb 08th

Statement from State Representative Bobby Joe Champion

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bobby_joe_championMarch 29, 2010 - The Minnesota House of Representatives passed the second part of an aggressive job agenda today with a bill that lawmakers say will create between 5,000 – 12,000 new jobs with a package of tax credits that will encourage investments in startup companies, historic building renovations and pave the way for an expanded Mall of America. The credits would be paid for in part by repealing a $25 gas tax credit currently offered to low income individuals.
Rep. Bobby Joe Champion (DFL-Minneapolis) offered an unsuccessful amendment on the floor that attempted to remove the repeal of the gas tax credit.

After the bill’s passage, Rep. Champion released the following statement:

“One of my highest priorities is to get people back to work because the best social program is a good job.

But it is unconscionable to pay for the excellent provisions in this bill by taking more from those who already have so little.

This session is full of bad choices. Because we have a Governor who will not consider any revenue that is based on fairness, we’re forced to make cuts to the safety nets that people depend on in hard times. Those cuts come on top of the deep cuts that the Governor made last session that are already hitting communities of color and low-income Minnesotans disproportionately hard. This provision is like kicking them when they’re down.

We always talk about the need for shared sacrifice to get through hard times. But we have a responsibility to make sure the decisions we make don’t ask those who are struggling the hardest to sacrifice the most.”

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