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Feb 13th

Healing Hands for Haiti deploys first response team with Handicap International

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Five volunteers from Healing Hands for Haiti International from Canada and USA will be forming an early response team to join Handicap International and deploy to Haiti.  Dr. Colleen O’Connell (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist, Fredericton), Al Ingersoll (Prosthetics, Minneapolis), Frank Shirley (Orthotics, Boston), Carly Gray (Physical Therapist, Ottawa), Ruth Duggan (Occupational Therapist, Halifax) will fly Tuesday and Wednesday (Jan. 19, 20) to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and will then take an air shuttle to Port au Prince.

The mission’s goal include:
1.1  Search, identification & immediate essential first aid and wound care for injured persons in the community
1.2  Provision of transportation to hospitals
1.3  Provision of essential life-saving injury care at hospital level

2.1   Installation of a temporary hospital support structure in coordination with the functioning hospitals
2.2  Identification, distribution of devices and consumables, urgent rehabilitation care and follow-up at hospital and community level of persons with injuries
2.3  Printing and distribution of leaflets on wound management and injury care

3.1 Identification and provision of specific mid term cares and follow-up for persons with amputation, spinal cord injuries and complex fractures
3.2 Provision and fitting of persons with amputation and spinal cord injuries with prosthetic or orthotic device

Dr. Colleen O’Connell and Al Ingersoll are Board members of Healing Hands for Haiti International.  The Healing Hands (HHHI) headquarters in Port–au-Prince has suffered damage to 75% of its buildings and infrastructure including its clinic and prosthetic/orthotics workshop. The guest house facility is in tact to  accommodate medical teams and become a base of operations. About 25% of our local staff have been located and are safe. An emergency relief fund has been set up for local staff and their families. A structural engineer will be sent to assess damage and plan repairs. The planned construction of Haiti’s first Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute will be accelerated.

For further information contact:

Eric Doubt, Executive Director/ Directeur général
Healing Hands for Haiti International
Tel: 905.702.9964 Cell: 905.510.0401
Canadian Office: 26 James St., Georgetown ON L7G 2H4

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