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Feb 07th

NAACP continues support of Van Jones

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The NAACP is calling for civility in the national discourse on safe, clean communities and sustainable sources of domestic energy. It is time to end the personal attacks on administration officials as a distraction to crucial discussion on our nation and our world's environmental conditions.

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous

"Glenn Beck needs to stop the personal attacks, and get back to the issues. In a time when national unemployment is approaching 10 percent, it is decadent to fixate on what long-since disavowed clubs a civil servant belonged to in college.  The question should not be what ideas Van Jones ultimately rejected in the past, but which is he actually promoting today.

"The only vanguard Mr. Jones is at the front of is the one to strengthen American industry and get American workers working again. The only cadre he is leading is a multi-racial group of Americans who believe it is possible for us to end our dependence on foreign oil and create good paying jobs at home.

"The era for political witchhunts is over.  Our nation needs to focus on creating jobs and Mr. Jones has brought a lot of compelling ideas for doing just that."

Hilary O. Shelton, Director of the NAACP Washington Bureau and Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Policy

“The tactics being deployed by right wing extremist commentators to divert the American people's attention away from very important issues of our nation such as sustainable energy, lack of dependence on foreign fuel sources, and the creation of living wage jobs are not only unethical but dangerous to the future of our country. Most recently, television commentator Glenn Beck of FOX News attempted to besmirch the character and integrity of President Obama's administration officials such as White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs Van Jones. This feeble, mean spirited attack is little more than a desperate attempt to derail the adminstration's priority of clean sustainable energy while working to end our nation's dependency on foreign energy sources.

“In an economy where unemployment is leaning toward 10 percent, and African American unemployment lies at over 15 percent, the creation of employment opportunities for all Americans, including African American and low-income communities, is a critical necessity. It is our experience that Mr. Jones’ plan to reinvigorate urban areas through the creation of green jobs not only demonstrates a constructive vision to invest in our communities, but also recognizes that climate change is indeed a civil rights issue. That is why we support his implementation of this very thoughtful plan.”


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