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Feb 07th

Finding strength

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thequeensprojectLife is lessons.

How well I know this to be true. Sometimes life can teach us lessons that we just aren't ready to receive. Have you ever wondered why we learn so many important lessons during our lifetime? I know I have. I can look back on times when I couldn't understand what was going on in my life. I can remember when I was much younger, making so many crazy mistakes, but now I know that those mistakes were molding me into the woman that I am today.

Every lesson has a meaning behind it.

Everything that we go through is a life lesson – be it bad or good, there are lessons to be learned. Not every lesson is a good one either. But it is up to you to appreciate it for what it is and understand the lesson that is to be learned.

Now think about this.

Look back on some of the mistakes that you've made and ask yourself if you could do it all over again, would you do something different. Maybe you would, or maybe you wouldn't, but every time you made a mistake, you were given the opportunity to learn from it.

I think about the times when I made the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe my lesson was to try something different. If you are coming up with the same wrong solution to a problem, maybe you should try and do something different too. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get the results you need.

Life can also teach us how to have faith in ourselves and in others. During your lifetime you will have to find strength in your abilities and in those you trust. You must know where you are strong and where you are weak. But most importantly you will learn the difference between the two. This in itself is a lesson.

Remember, stay focused, stay determined and keep striving for greatness.

Penny Jones-Richardson is a published author and life coach. Jones-Richardson can be reached via her website, or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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