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Feb 06th

African American DFL Caucus to screen mayor, city council candidates

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jackie cherryhomesmark andrewsbetsy hodgesgary schiffdon samuelsThe African American DFL Caucus from 10AM to 4PM March 16, 2013 conducts candidate screening for Mayor and City Council of Minneapolis at The Carlson School of Management, West Bank University of MN.

They will screen six mayoral candidates seeking DFL endorsement, all of whom are seeking African American DFL caucus endorsement as well.

The caucus will also screen candidates for Minneapolis City Council running in Wards 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Each candidate will receive a 12-20 minute interview.

Questions were sent out to the candidates prior to the screening so that they could prepare responses. Candidates face follow up questions at the end of their presentations.

Candidates will be ranked by Caucus members in attendance who are in good standing and at the end of the day rankings will be tallied for candidate endorsement.

DFLers who wish to join or confirm their membership in the African American DFL Caucus can contact Sherrie Pugh via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Candidate Screening Questions

Background: The African American community is seeking elected leadership that will initiate an equity agenda in the city of Minneapolis. That leadership must be committed to:

• Accountability for the use of city resources that must benefit the residents.

• Sustainable community infrastructure in the African American neighborhoods.

• Appointment and the employment of qualified African American residents in city administration, departments and commissions.

• Ensuring the authority of the Civil Rights Department is elevated and not marginalized.

• Addressing transportation disparities.


1. What strategic actions would you initiate to link residents to opportunities that create good jobs, improve transportation access and build assets? How will you implement and engage residents to access jobs, obtain transportation equity and build family assets?

2. The African American Community wants to know what is your commitment to being accountable to ensure an economic benefit to the residents of the city creating equity. How will you ensure the recirculation of dollars within the cities' neighborhoods? Specifically the achievement of a high ratio of investment dollars to jobs created benefiting the African American community. And likewise a ratio for investments in Black businesses? What and how would you accomplish this?
3. How would you remedy the lack of quality sustainable neighborhood infrastructure in the predominantly African American neighborhoods of north, northeast and south Minneapolis?
4. What commitment will you make to recruitment and advocacy for the employment of qualified African Americans in management positions within the city administration, departments, and commission appointments.
5. What assurances would you commit to the elevation of the Civil Rights Department's authority, so that equity is achieved and basic civil rights are honored and protected?
6. How would you reverse the ongoing and pending transportation disparities that continue to prevail in African American neighborhoods?

Mayoral Candidates
1. Betsy Hodges
2. Jackie Cherryhomes
3. Grant Haas
4. Don Samuels
5. Mark Andrew
6. Gary Schiff

City Council Wards of Interest

Ward 3
1. Diane Hofstede
2. Jacob Frey

Ward 4
1. Barb Johnson
2. Kris Brogan

Ward 5
1. Brett Buckner
2. Ian Alexander
3. Blong Yang

Ward 6
1. Robert Lilligren
2. Abdi Warsame

Ward 8
1. Elizabeth Glidden

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