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Feb 08th


Motivational Moments: Take time to sit and be still for a moment

Motivational Moments: Take time to sit and be still for a momentThere is value in resting and taking time out to care for you. So often we spend so much time looking out for others that we forget to look out for ourselves. Recently, my schedule has been so busy with a full time job, writing, and my Life Coaching practice, that I had to take a moment and just breathe. Don't get me wrong, I am completely grateful for all that I have been blessed to do, (especially the opportunity to help others reach their goals and change their lives), but there are times when I too have to find the time to just sit and be still for a moment.

Is a soul-tie good or bad?

Is a soul-tie good or bad?What is a soul-tie? A soul-tie is a spiritual and emotional connection that is created when a woman gives herself sexually to a man for the first time. An extreme emotional bond is created. This was God's way of bonding a wife in a supernatural covenant spiritually and emotionally to her husband. Our current relationship is not a single life event. There are invisible forces that impact our existing relationships. One of the biggest hindrances in today's relationships is a negative emotional soul-tie. Like the unseen negative influences that a past divorce can have on a present relationship, unseen forces like a soul-tie can and will impact our current one.

Juxtaposition’s DeAnna Cummings in Barcelona to study public markets

Juxtaposition’s DeAnna Cummings in Barcelona to study public marketsThis week, stakeholders from West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (WBC) and Juxtaposition Arts, two North Minneapolis organizations committed to developing public markets on the Northside, and 9th Ward City Council Member Alondra Cano will visit one of the world's greatest market cities for Project for Public Spaces' (PPS) 9th International Public Markets Conference, taking place Thursday, March 26-28, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

HOME: Turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis

HOME: Turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis(StatePoint) Time spent in the bathroom can be precious, as it may be your only solo time. When prioritizing home upgrades, consider first transforming a ho-hum, conventional bathroom into an oasis of comfort, style and ultimate relaxation.

Motivational Moments: Being with family lifts spirit

Motivational Moments: Being with family lifts spiritSometimes being around family and loved ones can do wonders for your spirit! I recently had the opportunity to spend time with my family who came in to celebrate my son's birthday and we had an incredible time! I had forgotten how wonderful being around those who celebrate and uplift you can feel. This is a warm feeling that you carry in your heart and it makes you smile when you think about it. This is what my family does for me.

Real change begins with you

Real change begins with youIn a couple of weeks, spring will be upon us and the weather will begin to change. For those of us in the Twin Cities, spring is a reminder that things will change for the better. It is within this hope that we are able to deal with life's up's and down's. Some look for change to take place outside of them like the change in weather. The truth is that real change takes place within us. If nothing outside of you ever changes, if you change for the better inwardly, your live will be better.

Motivational Moments: Work hard on seeing your goals through

Motivational Moments: Work hard on seeing your goals throughHave you ever felt like you were working so hard and doing all the right things in your life to be a success, but nothing seems to be going as you planned? Are you at a point where you think that maybe you are working so hard and maybe it's time you gave up on this goal because nothing is happening fast enough for you? Remember just because you don't see the end result right away, doesn't mean you haven't made any progress. Achieving any goal takes lots of focus and can take a long period of time. (Depending on the goal.) But the key is to never give up because you never know how close you are to completing anything if you give up before you completed it.
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