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Aug 28th


Spring style

Spring styleIt’s almost that time of year to put away those snow boots and tights and pull out those espadrilles and shorts and we have a few tips to help you bring Spring in with style. The trends to look out for this spring season are nautical, neutrals, and patterns. These looks are easy to incorporate into your closet and can be achieved by any person no matter your shape or size.

The nautical look gives you reminisce of a day on the yacht, highlighting the colors of the American flag. This look can be achieved with horizontal stripes, big buttons and navy. Neutrals can be picked up with nude and pastel colored blouses, skirts, and dresses in flowy materials. The look can also be achieved with shoes. In neutrals you are guaranteed to feel flirty and feminine. Patterns can cover a wide range of looks, the bigger the print, the better.

Socializing at the Guthrie Theater

Socializing at the Guthrie TheaterWhile checking my phone messages a few weeks ago, a familiar voice begin to speak. It was my girl Nicole, inviting me to join her and about 15 of her favorite friends for a Sunday matinee play at the Guthrie Theater The play, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” (A Production of Penumbra Theatre Company) written by the late August Wilson, explores art, race, religion, and exploitation of African American recording artists in the 1920s. I quickly called Nicole back to accept the invitation for three main reasons: 1. I always welcome an opportunity to socialize with dynamic, inspiring women. 2. It’s always a treat being at the beautiful Guthrie Theater-one of my favorite places in Minneapolis, and 3. Because of the size of our group, we got discounted tickets and I just seem to have more fun if I know I’m getting a good deal. If you have never been to the Guthrie, promise yourself-and promise me-that you’ll go before summer’s end. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your experience.

Summer academic enrichment program

Summer academic enrichment programLast week, my husband and I were discussing summer plans for our three children. We want them to have opportunities to work their brains and their bodies all year round. Last summer their brains got a workout with daily reading assignments --regular math worksheets and writing tasks were on the list as well. To help with healthy bodies, we got them involved with a summer track team-although not the fastest children on the track, they each enjoyed some aspect of the experience.

Facebook Freebies

Facebook FreebiesLately I have noticed that my email inbox is flooded with mail from retailers offering extra special deals if I “become a fan” on Facebook. At first, I was against the idea of having these new “friends,” but now I am starting to see it in a new light. Many of the social networking sites offer fun freebies and discounts on their products. I can’t resist the temptation of a fantastic deal dangling before my eyes (the latest one offered “new fans” a chance to win a free iPad). Are you making the most of Facebook , Twitter, Groupon, and other social media sites? If not, let’s get started today.

Solve Clutter Problems-Have A Party

Solve Clutter Problems-Have A PartyA couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend, Miranda, and I hosted our first Recycle, Reuse , Reduce, and Regift Party and it was so much fun (we nicknamed it the RE party).  The purpose of the party was to help ourselves and our girlfriends achieve three important goals: 1. to promote regular decluttering, 2. to creatively satisfy that natural womanly urge to “shop”, and 3. to enjoy a rejuvenating and supportive time of friendly fellowship.  Once you hear about this party, you will definitely want to throw one yourself.

When I first heard of this type of party, I was immediately interested in hosting one.  The main reason the RE party was such a success is that I teamed up with a friend and we planned and executed it together.  There’s a scripture in the bible that says that two are better than one, because they help each other succeed.  Two can also share responsibilities and the inevitable stresses.  In this case, my girlfriend and I were well-matched as we carried out party plans; my enthusiasm and creative ideas linked up with her organization and focus.  She kept me adhering to the party planning checklist and timelines and I kept her from over-thinking the details.  Long story short, I definitely want to do it again soon (I’ll have to see if my girlfriend still shares my eagerness a few months from now).

Gameshow quiz to inspire Valentine fun

Gameshow quiz to inspire Valentine funDo you remember the popular television game show of the 1970’s and 80’s called the Newlywed Game?  It was hosted by handsome Bob Eubanks, and I was a young fan who rarely missed an episode. In case you are unfamiliar with it, each week the show featured four recently married couples competing to determine which couple knew their mate best.  Bob had a charming way of getting the contestants to reveal too much personal information about their relationship, especially when it came to the topic of “whoopee!”  Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I am wondering if you have made romantic plans with/for your honey.  Here are some Newlywed game-inspired questions that might assist you in deciding how to make your 2011 Valentine’s Day special (and budget-friendly).

How not to look like your mama or daughter

How not to look like your mama or daughterI recently complimented a friend at church on her sassy, new haircut. She replied, “Oh thank you girl. I had to do something, because when l looked in the mirror, I was seeing my mama!” That led into a brief conversation about the surprising and sometimes disappointing realities of life after forty. (I need reading glasses more and more.) Please don’t get the wrong impression, friends. Overall, I embrace my age and the aging process as a gift from God, although I confess that I often forget the exact number of that gift, and have to do the math. My motto is, “when I stop getting older, then it means I’m dead!” (Having said that, please don’t get mad at me if you hear me joking about being 29 and holding… I told you I have a hard time remembering the exact number!) Just because you see your body changing and slowing, you don’t have to give in to the notion that the rest of life is downhill after forty or fifty. Aside from getting a new haircut, here are a few simple ways that you can make your mama stop staring back at you when you look in the mirror.
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