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Jul 30th


Five simple steps to cut down on gas costs

Gas prices are rising across the country -- and the primary reason is the cost of making fuel.  While both supply and demand for gasoline have risen in the United States, the worldwide demand for crude oil is up and the supply of crude oil is down. Middle East turmoil and loss of supply have further tightened markets. The increased crude oil costs and higher mandates for ethanol have made gasoline more expensive to make.

DC bound: United inaugurates non-stop service

DC bound: United inaugurates non-stop serviceUnited Airlines beginning April 3, launches non-stop service from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Dulles International Airport.

“Increased competition among airlines flying between the Twin Cities and Washington, D.C., is great for consumers, offering more scheduling alternatives and keeping fares in check,” said Jeff Hamiel, executive director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, which owns and operates Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) and six general aviation airports. “Travelers flying United Airlines to Dulles International Airport can connect from there to dozens of domestic and international destinations.”

Use Foil for Less Toil

Use Foil for Less ToilI was watching the Monique show one night, which featured female comedians from the film the ‘Queens of Comedy’.  As they reminisced about the ‘good old days’ and their humble beginnings doing stand-up comedy tours, one of the ladies recalled—and then demonstrated—how she cooked her food when no microwave was available in her hotel room.  Her secret was aluminum foil and the hotel iron.  Yes, Sugar, she’d serve up the grilled cheese sandwiches like a pro, by holding the hot iron on each of the sandwich for a few minutes:  turns out that aluminum foil handles more than just oven-duty and leftovers.   My Aunt Alice, also frugal shopper (it runs in the family), loves foil too.  She recently emailed me some more tips on using aluminum foil in unconventional ways, and I thought I’d share them.

"Towers of Flowers" bring new heights to Macy's Flower Show

Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis store showcases a towering floral spectacular

In partnership with Bachman’s for over 47 years, the Macy’s Flower Show has delighted generations of floral aficionados with spectacular presentations of lush gardens that showcase millions of live flowers, plants and trees from around the world. Blooming in unison despite the various climates from which they originate, the show offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy these magnificent blooms together in an unexpected setting.

Thou shalt not lie: Learning life’s hard lessons

Thou shalt not lie: Learning life’s hard lessonsOne of my three little blessings told a lie.  In fact, my child told a series of lies over a couple of days before confessing, under threat of further negative consequences (I won’t go into further details; just use your imagine, then multiply by two).  It all started when the child took something without permission (a bunch of candy-she was authorized to take a few pieces).  Although that was bad enough, when we asked the child about it, there was complete (convincing) denial (imagine that!).

My husband and I saw the lying as an even greater offense than the first.  We tried to get our young lawbreaker to understand an important lesson: if you develop a reputation as a thief and liar, then no one will trust you, nor will they believe what you say-even when you decide to tell the truth.   While we recognize that all kids and adults lie to varying degrees, we want to help our young ones to learn the value of truthfulness and integrity, and practice living by those standards.

Get your deck ready for spring and summer

Get your deck ready for spring and summerAs the days get longer, there's nothing like barbequing and entertaining friends on your deck. But before you pass out those invitations, make sure your deck has weathered the winter and is ready for its seasonal duty.

The abuse a deck surface takes from the weather, foot traffic, barbeques, and food and drink spills can create both surface and structural problems.

Make your garden the envy of the neighborhood

Make your garden the envy of the neighborhood Gardens are a source of beauty. They are also a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Something as simple as hearing songbirds in the morning can help you start your day on the right note.

While your neighbors spend the season trying to grow a uniform lawn, why not elicit their envy by creating your very own Garden of Eden? A little pruning and some wildlife-friendly additions will make your garden stand out for neighbors as well as native birds and butterflies.
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