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Oct 20th


Can positive affirmations change anything?

Question:  "Can positive affirmations change anything?"
Answer:  From the Buddhist perspective all we can work on is our own mind.  So, a positive attitude will definitely help us deal with the world in more effective and compassionate ways.  2,500 years ago the Buddha said, "The thought manifests as the word; the word manifests as the deed.  The deed develops into habit; and habit hardens into character.  So watch the thought and its ways with care, let it spring from love.  Born out of concern for all beings....The shadow follows the body and never leaves it.  In the same way, as we think, so we become."

Set goals to win in 2010

Set goals to win in 2010Recently while going through an old stack of papers, I came across a piece of paper whose heading read Humphrey Family Goals 2006.  As I looked over the list, a feeling of pride rose up inside of me.  Basically all of the goals had been met. The next feeling was one of disappointment for two reasons:  First, I don’t think we wrote down our family goals for 2009.  Secondly, I know there is at least one important goal leftover from 2008 (probably earlier than that) that remains unachieved. 

Stop, look, and listen while crossing into 2010

Stop, look, and listen while crossing into 2010With only days left before the beginning of 2010 you may have already been thinking about how your life will be different in the New Year.  Is losing unwanted weight on your  to-do list? How about finding a new job? Or moving to a new place?  Do these types of thoughts about your future leave you feeling sort of anxious?  If so, I have three simple words of advice for you to live by as you cross over into 2010: Stop, Look, and Listen! 

(Style on a Dime) Looking holiday slim with glitz and glam

(Style on a Dime) Looking holiday slim with glitz and glamIf you were to look in the furthest corner of my closet, you would discover where I store my festive attire; my gold metallic jacket, my sequined tank top, my gold shimmery blouse and a couple of other items.  While I really like these pieces, I only wear them during November, December, and January because they are my official holi-wear (holiday celebration wear-all of which can be worn with my favorite pair of black pants).

(Style on a Dime) Last-minute Christmas gifts-$10 or less

(Style on a Dime) Last-minute Christmas gifts-$10 or lessAre you starting to sweat right about now? Are the pressures of that day-when expectations are at their peak-making you feel as if you are stuck in the jaws of a vise? Don’t fret; I have a couple of ideas that will help you escape the trap. Actually, let me rephrase that statement using the lingo they would have used at the first Christmas, over 2,000 years ago:

(Style on a Dime) The gift of giving this season

(Style on a Dime) The gift of giving this seasonA couple of days after spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, we officially kicked off our newest family tradition-bell ringing for Salvation Army, a Christian nonprofit organization, that provides physical and spiritual help to the needy.  God blessed us with a mild, sunny day and for two hours my husband, our three children, and I hung out together-greeting passersby outside of the mall, singing Christmas songs and thanking children and adults who placed spare change in the red kettle.  We considered it time well spent. 

Make your kitchen a cozy delightful retreat

 Make your kitchen a cozy delightful retreatWhen the weather outside is frightful, your cozy kitchen can become a delightful retreat from the holiday hustle and bustle. ,Tis the season, after all, to create new traditions and yummy yuletide comfort foods that will make friends and family think you’ve finally found grandma’s secret recipes!
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