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Feb 09th


Jumping the broom

On June 22, 2013, my son Tim Jr. and his fiancé Shaunte will be joined together in holy matrimony. They are a beautiful couple with 2 beautiful children, Tim III, and baby Meia. The thought of my one and only son getting married has me looking forward to the day he jumps the broom. Although I have heard and used the term "jumping the broom" as a synonym for getting married, I never truly gave much thought to where the term originated.

On being MOORE present

On Friday, March 29, I, like many of you, flocked to the movie theatre to see "Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor" by actor, screenwriter, producer, and mogul Tyler Perry.

Maverick Matchmaker picked as star of "Let's Fall in Love": first tragic-comic documentary on love

Maverick Matchmaker picked as star of According to a recent survey by the United Nations Statistics Division, which collects official data on marriage and divorce from over 200 countries on an annual basis, United States rank #5 in the world in having one of the highest divorce rates.

The environmental justice movement

The environmental justice movementDear EarthTalk: I understand that the "environmental justice" movement seeks to protect the poor and non-white communities from being unfairly targeted to host activities like sewage treatment plants, landfills and polluting factories. Have there been notable victories? -- P. Silver, Peekskill, NY

The budget sequester's impact on the environment

The budget sequester's impact on the environmentDear EarthTalk: What does the budget sequester that recently took hold mean for the environment? -- Jane Burgos, Los Angeles, CA

Spring cleaning for the emotions

Spring is in the air, and it is the wonderful time of the year when we start to shake off the dust of winter. As we begin to open the windows of our physical and spiritual houses, it is a good time to get our emotional house in order. What do we do when we get overwhelmed? How do we deal with the stress and the pressure that each day brings? How do we clean our emotional reservoir? We must learn to reset our emotional clock and refresh our spiritual reservoir. I call this process spring cleaning for the emotions.

Charity Bess wins crown and title of Miss Minnesota 2013

Charity Bess wins crown and title of Miss Minnesota 2013Charity Bess of Minneapolis was crowned 2013 Miss Minnesota International.The competition took place in St. Cloud, on Mar. 16.

Bess will compete with 50 other state winners for the title of Miss International 2013. That competition takes place July 22 – 28 and will be held in Skokie, Ill.
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