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Sep 03rd


Healing for the masculine soul

Healing for the masculine soulMen are born whole. They come into the world full of wonder and potential. Their souls and spirits are one, and they are at peace internally and externally. But when something happens that wounds his ego, attacks his sexuality, or scars him emotionally, a tear is made in his masculine soul. Wounded boys, become wounded men, and wounded men become wounded fathers. In order for us to be a better, community of families, we must provide healing for the masculine soul.

Motivational Moments: Don't let this summer go to waste

Motivational Moments: Don't let this summer go to wasteThe start of summer means so many different things to many people. For me, it means vacation time and also work time. During the summer months I do my most intense writing. I work on goals all year, but during this time I am truly focused on the goals I set around my writing.

HOME IMPROVEMENT: Upgrades that boost curb appeal and home value in one shot

HOME IMPROVEMENT: Upgrades that boost curb appeal and home value in one shot(StatePoint) Giving your home's exterior a fresh new look could also increase its value, if you choose your upgrades wisely. To get a great return on your investment, it's all about picking the right projects.

We honor our fathers

We honor our fathersAnother Father's Day is approaching, and families all over the country will honor and celebrate their fathers and father figures. Whether small or grand, dads on that day will be the center of attention. I want to thank my children Anetra, Tinesha, Nicole, and Tim Jr. for continued reverence of me as their father and mentor. God has blessed me with 35 years of fatherhood, and in honor of fathers everywhere, I would like to share what I call the "four pillars of fatherhood." I hope these pillars will create healthy dialogue within the family setting.

Motivational Moments: Learn from the past and move forward

Motivational Moments: Learn from the past and move forwardI recently heard a woman say that she is constantly reminded by people of the person she used to be. She said that when she found herself changing for the better, some people would mention things that they remember from her past. She stated that she feels bad and this makes her think of some of the decisions she made when she was much younger and not sure of herself at that time. This is common with a lot of people when they start to change for the better.

Car Review: 2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata PRHT

Car Review: 2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata PRHTDETROIT (NNPA) – The Mazda MX-5 Miata PRHT roadster is a mix of modern technology and straightforward old school. PRHT stands for power retractable hard top. On the MX-5 it takes 12 seconds for the top to fold back into the tonneau cover between the driver and the trunk.

Soothing senior grief

Soothing senior griefLife brings different rhythms - different timetables - for each of us. We lose dear loved ones, we grieve, we face changes - diminished mobility, an end to driving the car, maybe a different place to live after decades in the long-time family home.
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