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Mar 26th


Emerald Ash Borer: Tree-killing pest

Emerald Ash Borer: Tree-killing pest You may have heard about a tree-killing pest in Minnesota called Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). EAB is an invasive, non-native insect that feeds on ash trees. It has ravaged ash trees in other states killing millions of trees. EAB was first found in St. Paul in 2009; and in Minneapolis in 2010. In 2010 EAB infested trees were also found in SE Minnesota in Houston County, and in Winona County in 2011. The most recent find this summer was in Ramsey County in Roseville. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is maintaining a map of EAB infestation sites across the state. You can check if EAB has been found in your area at: 

Harness the power of the ancestors

Harness the power of the ancestorsYears ago when my kids were small, I received some excellent advice from my friend and mentor. He told me to cherish the time I had with my children because there would come a day that we would not be able to sit down and have dinner together. As time went on, his counsel quickly came to pass. At that time, I had 4 kids in three different schools, and if you added in the complexity of multiple activities such as band, cheerleading, football, basketball, and track practices, we could hardly find time for a sit-down family dinner. Out of this need came our family's Sunday dinner tradition that has existed in some form or another for the last 25 years. This tradition has now grown to include my 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and extended family and friends.

Stop making excuses; fi nd the time

Stop making excuses; fi nd the timeExcuses! Excuses! Excuses! We make excuses for ourselves on a daily basis. We make excuses for not finishing what we started, we make excuses for not following our dreams, and we make excuses for just about everything that we know we should be doing but just don't have the drive to go out there and step out on faith.

Using short and long-term goals to improve your life

I am not a big fan of the term time management. We do not have the power to move time from one day to the next. We must therefore, manage ourselves against time. This self management is accomplished through goal-setting. People who set regular goals for themselves tend to attain at least a portion of them, which brings the self confidence needed to push further. Setting and obtaining goals is the vehicle that successful people use to improve their relationships and their lives.

Rejoice at others’ successes

Rejoice at others’ successesWhat is the difference between jealousy and envy? I've had to ask myself that question many times. Have you ever been jealous of someone or jealous of something that they had? Have you ever looked at someone else's situation and wished it was yours? We all have! But is that jealousy or envy?

Breaking the chains of past relationships

Our current relationship is not a single life event. There are invisible forces that impact our existing relationships. One of the biggest hindrances in today's relationships is a negative emotional soul-tie. Like the unseen negative influences that a past divorce can have on a present relationship, unseen forces like a soul-tie can and will impact our current one. What is a soul-tie? A soul-tie is a spiritual and emotional connection that is created when a woman gives herself sexually to a man for the first time. An extreme emotional bond is created. This was God's way of bonding a wife in a supernatural covenant spiritually and emotionally to her husband.

Finding strength

Finding strengthLife is lessons.

How well I know this to be true. Sometimes life can teach us lessons that we just aren't ready to receive. Have you ever wondered why we learn so many important lessons during our lifetime? I know I have. I can look back on times when I couldn't understand what was going on in my life. I can remember when I was much younger, making so many crazy mistakes, but now I know that those mistakes were molding me into the woman that I am today.
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