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Apr 02nd


Healthy people create healthy relationship

Healthy people create healthy relationshipHow does one establish a healthy relationship?

Because you are the most important part of any relationship, any real improvements must first take place within you. Who you choose to be in a relationship with is a byproduct of how you feel about yourself. No healthy minded person would seriously consider marrying a 10-year-old. The 10-year-old is not mature or responsible enough for a serious relationship, and the person that married them would be headed for trouble.

Motivational Moments: Taking care of yourself first

Motivational Moments: Taking care of yourself firstAre you the first person that reaches out to help those in need?

Are you the one that others come to for help or advice? Do you have someone that you can turn to when in need? These questions are just a few that I have had to ask myself from time to time. Sometimes you can find yourself giving so much of yourself, until there’s nothing left over for you.

There is help for the parents of adult children

There is help for the parents of adult childrenParenting adult children can be both challenging and rewarding at times. As a parent of 4 adult children, I have firsthand knowledge of the stages and challenges that parents progress through as your child moves into adulthood. This will only get more complicated as times goes on. All four of my children are parents as well so I must also wear the grandparent hat. Those of us who are successful are able to move from parent, to life coach and mentor as the child moves from teenager to adult. This is true whether the child lives in or out of your house. Here are a few key tips to consider.

Never give up on your dreams

Never give up on your dreamsAre you waiting on the right time to step into your greatness?

Are you waiting until the time is right for you to do what has been in your heart to do? Do you ever tell yourself that there are certain things that need to happen before your life will change for the better? Then welcome to the, "it can wait until later" club. Obviously, there is no such club. But if you asked around I am sure you could find more than one person that could belong in such a club.

Marriage expert says most people missed the vital lessons to make a marriage last -- from high school

Marriage expert says most people missed the vital lessons to make a marriage last -- from high schoolAt the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel city, matchmaker extraordinaire Hellen Chen talks to singles and married couples who have arrived for her love seminar about how to find the right match and how to keep the relationship fresh as the very first day.

Bestselling author Chen was given the title of "The Matchmaker of the Century" by the couples she has helped because unlike conventional matchmakers, she would specially approach skeptical men and women who have resisted the idea of marriage or have given up on marriage.

Lessons from my Pastor

Lessons from my PastorThis month my pastor, Vernell Thomas and First Lady Loretta Thomas will celebrate 47 years of leadership at Greater Saint Paul Church of God in Christ. This noteworthy distinction puts them in a class by themselves. During my 10 years at this south Minneapolis church, I have come to know them as a loving couple that is a model for marriages everywhere. They have imparted in my life in ways that cannot be expressed in words. Here are 4 valuable lessons that I have learned from watching and listening to them.

Letting go of terrible past, moving on

Letting go of terrible past, moving onLet go of old things that won’t allow you to move forward! Stop thinking about what you did in your past, or what someone did to you in the past and move on! I know sometimes it can be hard to do, but for your own well being and to be able to reach your goals, this is something that you should work on daily.
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