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Sep 01st


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhereThe shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo.. Brown was an unarmed, 18-year-old African-American male, killed after being shot multiple times by a Ferguson police officer. The incident sparked angry protests and acts of vandalism in the St. Louis suburb. I too felt that spark of anger as my mind was taken back to my own personal experiences. For me a simple exchange of money on Lake Street resulted in being forced off the road by a swarm of police cars and guns pointed at me, my son, and his friend. More anger surged as I reflected on the time a Minneapolis police officer threaten my son's life over a case of mistaken identity. Anger is an automatic response, but anger cannot be our only response. We must stand for something greater than anger.

Motivational Moments: Loved ones are important

Motivational Moments: Loved ones are importantThis week I spent time reading other writer's work of how they set goals and what they do to stay motivated to reach each of those goals. One writer wrote that when he is working on his goals sometimes no one wants to be around him. He is so focused on completing his work at hand that he has a tendency to block out family and friends. He stated he doesn't mean to, but sometimes his determination to complete his goals is all he can focus on at that time.

Take a chance, make your dreams and goals a priority

Take a chance, make your dreams and goals a priorityI met an individual the other day and she stated that she was having trouble sticking to her goals and finishing what she started. She said that she has decided many times that today will be the day that she works to complete that goal. She even went on to say that she talks about it a lot with her family and friends and they also don't believe her anymore. Her goal is to start her own catering business. She loves to cook and she is great at it, but no one believes that she will ever complete it. You see, this is something that she has been talking about for over fifteen years. But every time she tries to start this catering business something else happens in her life which makes her have to put her goals on hold for a while.

Greater Saint Paul Church celebrates 67 years of community service

Greater Saint Paul Church celebrates 67 years of community serviceEvery significant Black movement in this country has its roots in the African American church. From Civil Rights to Voter Rights, the Black church has been the catalyst for change. In 1947, Harry Truman was president, bread was 13 cents a loaf, gas was 15 cents a gallon, Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, Israel became a nation, and my home church, Greater Saint Paul Church of God in Christ (COGIC) opens its doors. Elder J.C. Wiggins and the congregation built this historic church from the ground up on the corner of 40th and 4th Avenue South in Minneapolis. 67 years later, the church continues to be a pillar and light to the community. This month, as the church celebrates its 67th Church Anniversary, I want to highlight a few of its accomplishments.

In tune with the spirit of who you are

In tune with the spirit of who you areRelationship expectations are changing with the times. The modern day woman is looking for a man that in tune with her. Because men don't always share their emotions, some questions may go unanswered. How much emotion is too much? What is the standard a man should aspire to? Is it possible for a man to be sensitive but out of touch? I believe a man is out of touch when he is only sensitive to his own needs. If his emotions are the driver of his actions, he can and will not be in tune with you. A good man must be sensitive to the real you. He should know your dreams and encourage them and know your passions and embrace them.

Motivational Moments: Follow your dreams: Stay focused on what you were meant to do

Motivational Moments: Follow your dreams: Stay focused on what you were meant to doHave you ever thought about what your life would be like if you followed your dreams and started working on some specific goals that could change your life forever? I know you have those dreams that sometimes keep you up at night and I know they sometimes occupy your day. The key is to stay focused on your goals no matter what happens.

Radisson Blu builds on tradition

Radisson Blu builds on traditionThe new Radisson Blu in downtown Minneapolis boldly glides into the future of hospitality full-sail powered by indefatigable traditions of highest quality accommodations and expertly intuitive service. Radisson Blu, next to Macy's, formerly Dayton's Department Store, on Seventh Street, continues as the personification of tradition.
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