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Mar 28th


Style on a Dime: Got (too much) stuff?

Style on a Dime: Got (too much) stuff?The other day I went into my daughter’s closet and found clothes scattered all over the floor.  Most of the clothes were dirty, but some were clean and they were all mixed in together.   Needless to say, mama was hot (and not in the good way)!  When I asked my daughter about this big mess, she did not have a suitable answer-there really was none.  She had already been warned about the consequences of not putting her clothes away properly.  This time I was really fed up.  My solution to her wardrobe mismanagement?  It was two-fold: First I decided to make her wear the same outfit to school for the rest of the week.  My goal was to help her understand that it was a privilege to have more than one outfit to wear to school-and that it should not be taken for granted.  Second, I decided that she probably really had more than she needed (it’s called the too-much-stuff-syndrome)-it was time for an intervention.

Marnita's Table 48th Birthday Celebration

Marnita's Table 48th Birthday Celebration Food for the soul… a statement that if applied correctly delivers the necessary comfort of blending one’s appetites for indulgence with a satisfaction that pleasantly arrives when an emphasis is placed on social change and the celebration of diversity.

On Saturday March 20th, Marnita's Table Inc. and the North Community YMCA teamed up to host an event that through its dual purpose of serving the community, forged a single message to all in attendance: togetherness.

The event, which extended a hand to individuals of all ages and ethnicl backgrounds, highlighted MTI creator Marnita Schroedl's 48th Birthday Bash as well as giving a platform for the North Community YMCA to showcase their newly renovated facility which works in concordance with the Youth and Teen Enrichment Center to administer community empowerment and a healthier way of living amongst its neighbors.

The event was catered by Kenwood Cafe' and like all MTI gatherings, a multitude of different foods specialized to accommodate all dietary needs were available in abundance, allowing guests their fill of eats and pleasant conversation. The party started at 3 pm, with aquatic sports for girls and women until 5. The evening continued with dinner, games, “girl fun,” networking and a dance party in the gymnasium to top off the event.

Eating Your Fruits & Vegetables Just Got Easier

Eating Your Fruits & Vegetables Just Got EasierLast week while seeking inspiration for my upcoming article, I asked my ten-year-old daughter, Arianna, for help. “What should I write about, Ari?” Arianna, who takes great pride in her overflowing arsenal of knowledge, gave her usual quick response, “I know mommy! You should write about the delicious smoothies you make us!”

For a split second, I was really impressed with my girl; a few weeks earlier, I had been thinking of writing about smoothies, but apparently the thought had wiggled its way out of my mind. I responded, “That’s a great idea, baby, but do you really think the smoothies are delicious?”

Writing letters: Restoring a lost art

Writing letters: Restoring a lost artA couple weeks ago, my son, Landon, brought home a letter from his teacher, requesting an envelope, stamp, and the address of someone to whom the child could write. The letter explained that the children were learning how to write and send letters. “What a great idea!” I thought.

I suggested that Landon pick his eight-year-old cousin DJ (Derrick Jr.) from Mississippi, since they get along very well. Although Landon thought he was a good pick, the problem was that Landon had gotten DJ confused with his nineteen-year-old cousin, VJ (Venyah Jr.). Long story short, I later found out that Landon wrote to his eight-year-old cousin asking him if he had graduated high school and if he was driving yet! Apparently, these odd questions didn’t bother DJ, because about a week later, he sent Landon a letter.

Nothing’s fashionable about perpetual lateness

Nothing’s fashionable about perpetual latenessWhen my girlfriend, Janice and I took our daughters to the movie theater to see The Princess and the Frog, Disney’s first-ever film featuring an African American Princess, we were beyond excited. My girlfriend, super serious about securing the best seats in the house for this historic event, wanted to arrive forty minutes in advance of show time. I, on the other hand, thought that was a bit excessive. Our compromise was to drive separately (she took the girls with her), so she could have first pick of the seats and I could finish my to-do list at home.

Housing design competition highlights continued rebuilding in North Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis, the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC), and its Builders Outreach Foundation (BOF) recently announced a housing design competition, “Bearden Place: A Housing Competition in the Artists’ Core,” as part of a strategy and commitment to rebuilding communities affected by foreclosure. The competition is to design six, live/work units for the site, located at the northwest corner of Plymouth and Sheridan avenues North.

Top ten travel tips from MSP Airport

Spring Break time is here, and with more people traveling, lines are longer and parking spaces are filling more often. Below is a list of the top ten travel tips from Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) Airport to ensure the time you spend at the airport is an enjoyable part of your vacation.
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