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Mar 29th


Time matters more than money

Time matters more than moneyI recently watched one of my favorite movies, "A Raisin in the Sun."

I have watched this movie many times, but this past time generated some insight for me that I never thought of before. This movie made me open my eyes to a very simple message that many of us overlook in our own lives.

The anatomy of the male psyche

The anatomy of the male psycheOne of my goals for this column is to provide insight about men from a man's perspective.

Know when it's time to move on

Know when it's time to move onDo you ever think about things from your past that you can't do anything about today?

Traxler confronts social norms

Traxler confronts social normsFor some, food can be as deadly as crack cocaine.

St. Paul native Cindy Traxler's most recently published book, "Fried Chicken, Watermelon, and You," confronts the social norms and practices that have weakened the African-American community to deadly measures. The inspiration for the book was sparked when Traxler's mother began to go blind as the result of Type 2 Diabetes.

What does it mean to be one in marriage?

What does it mean to be one in marriage?Marriage is an honorable estate.

My niece Shanna, and her husband, Jarod, entered into that beautiful union on Saturday, April 5. It was my honor and privilege to lead them through the marriage vows. On that day, two souls became one. As I prepared for this grand and auspicious occasion, my mind could not help but reflect on what does it mean for two to be one. Where does this oneness come from?

...when that voice says 'this is it' for you

...when that voice says 'this is it' for youDo you ever feel like you have so much more to do than what you are currently doing?

Self-discipline: The power of the second creation

Self-discipline: The power of the second creationIn last week's commentary, I wrote about the Relationship 101: the power of the first creation.
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