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Oct 04th


I am better, not perfect

I am better, not perfectThe pursuit of perfection, although an admirable ambition, sometimes gets in the way of one enjoying the moment. In my younger years, I remember reading a story about two people who scored a perfect score on the SAT test. I was in the mist of preparing for the SAT test and decided that perfection was my only option. I took the test, and sadly, did not score a perfect score. Although I scored high enough to attend any school in the country, the thought of being perfect kept me from enjoying the moment. Since that time, I have learned to enjoy and celebrate my continuous pursuit of being better. Here a few things you can seek on your way to excellence.

Motivational Moments: Focused, determined and striving for greatness

Motivational Moments: Focused, determined and striving for greatnessAt different times in life we set goals that will help us get to our next level. It could be a goal of moving up the ladder at work, or completing a personal goal that you haven't shared with anyone. Whatever the case may be, we never stop setting goals. Each time you think of doing something different with your life to make your life better, you are setting a goal. Some goals we don't have to write down.

Motivational Moments: Take time to sit and be alone

Motivational Moments: Take time to sit and be aloneThis week I had the opportunity to spend time alone and to do some things that I desperately needed to do.  I needed to spend time identifying some new goals and working on the first steps to make those goals a reality.  Why is it that when you take time to just sit and be alone, you see many different ways to make your life better and more complete.  You then realize that you are also in need of changing things for the better.

Minneapolis #1 on top 10 healthiest cities list

Minneapolis #1 on top 10 healthiest cities listThere are two parts to every great healthy city. The first is access to quality and affordable health care. The second is promoting and enabling a healthy lifestyle for its residents through infrastructure and amenities. With this in mind, has named Minneapolis the Top 10 Healthiest City, 2015. Minneapolis provides residents with exercise opportunities, good food choices and strong support networks to help live healthy lives.

Today will be a quiet day

Today will be a quiet dayToday will be a quiet day. This is the title and affirmation from chapter 10 of my book "Study to be quiet." The things that we say to ourselves to begin each day can shape how we will deal with the challenges that will come our way. What do you do when you get overwhelmed? How do you deal with the stress and the pressure that each day brings? Every day, a little more pressure is added to your emotional reservoir. Every day it gets closer to capacity. Each of us should begin each day by speaking peace into our lives.

Motivational Moments: Spring cleaning: Identify what you need to keep or get rid of

Motivational Moments: Spring cleaning: Identify what you need to keep or get rid ofThis is the week that I start my spring cleaning. I have so much "stuff" to get rid of and will do exactly that! I realize that some of the things that I have collected through the years have got to go. Why have I been holding on to so much of this "stuff" for so long? Many of us hold on to things that we know we don't need and so it's time to let go.

Healthy relationships require two healthy people

Healthy relationships require two healthy peopleSpring is in the air, and relationships old and new will be in full bloom. This is a good time to do some self-evaluation because no relationship can ever be better until you are better. Improving yourself improves your relationship. Don't worry about the other person. Who you choose to be in a relationship with is a by-product of how you feel about yourself. Two healthy people are needed to build a healthy relationship.
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