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Nov 22nd


(Style on a Dime) School’s in session soon, get ready

(Style on a Dime) School’s in session soon, get readyMy daughter Alanna came rushing down the stairs and greeted me with a wide smile, “Mom, I am so excited!  I want to show you what I did to my room!”  Being well acquainted with my daughter’s ways, I knew she had made some improvements of which she was proud.   She continued, “I have organized my closet, taken out everything that doesn’t fit, and now I have a big bag of stuff that that is ready to be donated to Goodwill.”

(Style on a Dime) Getting your money's worth… every time

Being a frequent (bargain) shopper, there is one thing that I feel quite strongly about- good customer service.  While I understand that all of my bargain hot-spots won’t yield the same level of  service (think Macy’s vs. Goodwill),  when I am patronizing a reputable establishment, I expect to be treated in a befitting manner.  That’s why I was so outdone after an overnight stay at the Doubletree in downtown Minneapolis.

(Style on a Dime) Shoppers gone wild

Did I ever tell you about my Aunt Lydia (not her real name)? She’s my favorite aunt and we spent a lot of time together when I was growing up. We developed a special bond and having no children of her own, I held (and still hold) an extra special place in her heart. In general, my aunt is very kind-she’s the one all the nieces and nephews (as well as friends) count on for very generous and thoughtful gifts for birthdays, graduations, and weddings.

(Style on a Dime) Stretch paychecks by using proper care to extend life of clothing and gear

(Style on a Dime) Stretch paychecks by using proper care to extend life of clothing and gearLike nearly all Americans, you have probably been feeling the squeeze of the economic slowdown. Although some experts say that recovery is on the way, if you are like most, you might be asking, “Are we there yet?” As a result, you are still on the lookout for new ways to make your paycheck last longer. Here is another cost-cutting idea that you may have not yet considered. By using a few simple tips and a little extra attention, you can prolong the life of your family’s wardrobe and keep more cash in your wallet. Let’s get started!

(Style on a Dime) Want a new look in an old space? Follow the 4 furniture placement tips

(Style on a Dime) Want a new look in an old space? Follow the 4 furniture placement tipsHave you grown bored with the room in your home where you spend the most time? Are you dreaming of a makeover, but realize that it’s just not in the budget anytime in the foreseeable future? I want to let you in on a little secret. You may be able to easily give your tired-looking space a fresh new look by simply rearranging the furniture. That’s right, friend, you don’t have to spend money to add that special touch to your favorite spot. By using simple furniture arrangement and placement guidelines, you can have a new look within a couple of hours!

Michael Jackson's true legacy

I said I wasn’t going to do it; that I wasn’t going to comment on the controversial, condemned but yet celebrated personality we call Michael Jackson. Since his passing many stories have been told, honors bestowed, and let us not forget accusations thrown about the late entertainer. However as I watched what was to be his final goodbye, and it finally sunk in that indeed, “this is it,” I could not help but to reflect on what his true legacy is to me.

(Style on a Dime) Take a step back in time and enjoy a drive-in movie

(Style on a Dime) Take a step back in time and enjoy a drive-in movieDo you remember back in the “olden days,” as my children refer to it, when people used to go to drive-in movies?  Remember the ‘sound system’ that you had to clip on to your window, the foggy windows, and the mosquitoes?  Those times were so much fun (not the mosquitoes!).  I remember that during one of our drive-in outings, mama looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Lie down on the seat and cover your ears, because this part is bad!”  I am assuming she did not want me to have any nightmares from the scary or bloody parts.  All I know is that lying down on the back seat every now and then was a small price to pay to get to enjoy all that popcorn and candy!
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