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May 29th


Making the most of the hot glue gun

Making the most of the hot glue gunMy son, Landon, and his second grade class just did a science project.  They were assigned an animal to research—Landon’s was the cheetah.  Using clay, the children created a small replica of their animal and then recreated the animal’s natural habitat inside of a shoebox, using their imaginations, plus crayons, paint, construction paper, and anything else they could think of.  While I didn’t want to be one of those ‘helicopter moms’ (you know, they hover over their kid, micromanaging all aspects of school projects and activities), I did feel it was necessary to introduce him to my secret weapon for school projects—the hot glue gun.

Budget bedroom updates

Budget bedroom updatesI stopped by Macy’s Furniture Showroom in Bloomington to check on a kitchen table that I had seen online (it was on sale, of course).  While I was waiting for my salesperson to check whether they would meet or beat their competitor’s (even cheaper) price, I wandered up to the clearance area.  Leaning on the wall, straight ahead was a stylish two-tone headboard with my name written all over it—I had been looking for a new, low-cost one for a while.  Upon further inspection, I was delighted to discover that it was a steal—its price of $90 was scribbled on the large red attached sticker!  Score!   Long story short, I excitedly paid for my headboard, and began to make mental notes about how I would maximize my mini bedroom makeover project.  Now that it’s springtime, and most of the snow has melted, you may be itching to do the same.  Even if you only have a small budget to work with, you can achieve big results in the bedroom, (which may set the stage for more ‘big bedroom results’).  Take cues from my mini makeover ideas and see how they may inspire your own creative juices.

Tasty and creative dinner rolls ideas

Tasty and creative dinner rolls ideasTime to shed your winter woolies and spring into action with these delicious recipes. A brunch for family and friends is guaranteed to create a comfy-cozy gathering. Many have discovered that when they come together to eat, they share lots more than a meal. Even though sitting down together links body and soul of a family in a special way, it’s also important to spare the cook a major production. That’s what’s behind this collection of easier-than-it looks dishes. The shortcut is using Warm-N-Serv rolls found in your grocer’s freezer. They’re already baked and you can just heat and enjoy.

LongShot: A true role model for youth

LongShot: A true role model for youthHip Hop is the most popular music for young people today. Chad “LongShot“ Heslup is a highly respected hip hop emcee. An emcee is a lyricist who speaks or raps over musical beats. LongShot was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Most of his lyrics reflect family, role models, and the struggles of society. He grasps the pain and suffering of the masses of people in America. He has the amazing ability to connect to people’s difficulty with love and respect.

Five simple steps to cut down on gas costs

Gas prices are rising across the country -- and the primary reason is the cost of making fuel.  While both supply and demand for gasoline have risen in the United States, the worldwide demand for crude oil is up and the supply of crude oil is down. Middle East turmoil and loss of supply have further tightened markets. The increased crude oil costs and higher mandates for ethanol have made gasoline more expensive to make.

DC bound: United inaugurates non-stop service

DC bound: United inaugurates non-stop serviceUnited Airlines beginning April 3, launches non-stop service from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Dulles International Airport.

“Increased competition among airlines flying between the Twin Cities and Washington, D.C., is great for consumers, offering more scheduling alternatives and keeping fares in check,” said Jeff Hamiel, executive director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, which owns and operates Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) and six general aviation airports. “Travelers flying United Airlines to Dulles International Airport can connect from there to dozens of domestic and international destinations.”

Use Foil for Less Toil

Use Foil for Less ToilI was watching the Monique show one night, which featured female comedians from the film the ‘Queens of Comedy’.  As they reminisced about the ‘good old days’ and their humble beginnings doing stand-up comedy tours, one of the ladies recalled—and then demonstrated—how she cooked her food when no microwave was available in her hotel room.  Her secret was aluminum foil and the hotel iron.  Yes, Sugar, she’d serve up the grilled cheese sandwiches like a pro, by holding the hot iron on each of the sandwich for a few minutes:  turns out that aluminum foil handles more than just oven-duty and leftovers.   My Aunt Alice, also frugal shopper (it runs in the family), loves foil too.  She recently emailed me some more tips on using aluminum foil in unconventional ways, and I thought I’d share them.
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