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Feb 10th

Season of love

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w-photoxpress 6208597The season is changing right before our eyes. Leaves are falling, days are getting shorter, and temperatures are dropping. Love has it season as well, and it is similar to what you would expect to see in nature. Whether it is the fall, winter, spring or summer, they all require change and adjustments. The sooner you are able to determine the season you are in, the easier it is to make the right type of adjustment. Here are a few seasonal tips to live by.

Winter is a season of rest. This season of love is self-sustaining at this point, but the winter of the relationship will test the resolve of the people involved. There are no new crops, and no new discoveries. Growth and development has ceased, and rigidness has settled in. The things that have been stored deep in the heart of the individuals are the substance the relationship will live on. They will be forced to embrace or freeze to death. The best advice for this season of love is to rekindle the fire and cuddle as much as possible.

Fall is a season for change. In this season of love, things may have cooled off, but there are clear signs that winter is coming. The first sign is the falling away, followed by slow decaying of those things that were once so beautiful. This is the period in the relationship where the signs of trouble are obvious. Both people in the relationship find themselves covering up, but the chill in the air is still apparent. The best advice for this season is to practice self-love and let go of those people, places, and things that have no root in you.

Spring is a season of growth. This season of love is the most fruitful time in the relationship, but it also requires the most amount of work. Planting good emotions, watering them with gifts of affections, and pruning away the unproductive behaviors are all key activities. The heart of both individuals must be tilled, removing all the residue of the previous season. Once the relationship begins to grow, it must be supported by new experiences that are built on the previous day's growth. These experiences become roots that are the foundation of a strong relationship. The best advice for this season of love is to dig deep, sow love, establish meaningful communication, and enjoy the new discoveries.

Summer is the season of strength. This season of love is the most powerful time of the relationship. Every relationship should have its summer. The sun is shining. Laughter, love, affection, favor, and fellowship are shared in abundance. Both the individuals are better together. The days of love are long and strong. Visibility is clear. Because of transparency, communication is at its best. Summer is fun. The best advice for this season is to bask in it. Enjoy every day as if it were your last.

Determine your season. This will help you to best determine your course of actions. The true season of love begins with self-love. It is in your self evaluation that you are able to make self-improvements. Winter, spring, summer, and fall all have one constant, you. May this season in your life be the most powerful and productive. For when it comes to self, it is always the season of love.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

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