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Feb 08th

Insight for aspiring writers

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Because I have been fortunate enough to write and self-publish two books, aspiring writers often have questions for me. The questions are many and varied, but the most common are these. How did I get the project to fruition? What are the best steps to getting there? What are the resources available to aspiring writers? Here is my brief response to these three very important questions.
Question one, how do I get the project to fruition? Although this is the first and most important question, the answer is quite simple. Start writing, and write something every day. Do not be overwhelmed by the size of the project. If you write a page a day, in one year, you will have 365 pages. If you only write a paragraph a day, in a year, you will have 365 paragraphs. The key to getting to completion is to keep writing. Don't worry about editing; there will be time for that during your writer's block. Finishing the writing portion is the first and most important part to getting a book project completed.

Questions two, what are the best steps to getting there? The best step to getting your writing off the ground is to use the success of others as your stepping stones. First, Read what you want to write. This will give you ideas about style, format, chapters, and introductions. Next, buy books on writing styles, story structure, and character development that fit the genre you are writing. This small investment will make a huge difference. Finally, talk to other writers. This will help you to keep your process current. Attend a writers' conference or join an online writers club. These relationships will help you to capture the just-in-time instructions that can not be found in a book.

Once the writing is complete, you can move on to the next step to culmination, the editing process. If you plan to hire and editor, (you should), be patient with this step. If you edit the book before you complete it, you will have to pay to have it reedited once you are done. After you are done editing, you can move on to the layout (style, font, book size, etc...). To expedite time, you can also have the cover designed at this time. After these processes are complete, you will have an electronic version of your book. The next step is reprinting. This is the process of getting hard copies of your book to sell. Reprinting cost vary be size, number of pages, and the number of copies you order. You may also want to consider an e-book format. They do not require reprinting.

Questions three, what are the resources available to me? The internet has changed the publishing game. For a fraction of the previous cost, aspiring writer can write, own, and self-publish their books. For me personally, I used a one-stop shop call From this one site, I found someone to develop my webpage, edit, layout, and design the cover for my book. I also found valuable information about copywriting and obtaining and ISBN number (unique identifier for your book). Also, as you talk to other writers, you will on cover a wealth of additional resources.

To all the aspiring writers, I encourage you stick with it. This is your gift to the world. I also encourage you to visit my website and get copies of my books. Check out the quality and workmanship. If you like the quality of work, I can provide you with the contact information for the service providers I used. Also, feel free to visit the blog on my site and send me your questions. I will personally respond to them and together we can create an online log of valuable questions and answers. May your writing come to fruition! Enjoy the journey!
Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to

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