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Feb 09th

Use Foil for Less Toil

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grill-cheeseI was watching the Monique show one night, which featured female comedians from the film the ‘Queens of Comedy’.  As they reminisced about the ‘good old days’ and their humble beginnings doing stand-up comedy tours, one of the ladies recalled—and then demonstrated—how she cooked her food when no microwave was available in her hotel room.  Her secret was aluminum foil and the hotel iron.  Yes, Sugar, she’d serve up the grilled cheese sandwiches like a pro, by holding the hot iron on each of the sandwich for a few minutes:  turns out that aluminum foil handles more than just oven-duty and leftovers.   My Aunt Alice, also frugal shopper (it runs in the family), loves foil too.  She recently emailed me some more tips on using aluminum foil in unconventional ways, and I thought I’d share them.

Did you know that you could bake brownies without dirtying the pan?  This one was new to me, and since I discovered it, my children are eating more brownies!  Before pouring in the mixed batter, line your brownie pan with foil-allow it overlap a bit on the sides-and when they are done you will be able to immediately take them out and the pan it will still be clean!  No more soaking.  Added bonus: brownies cool faster and are so much easier to cut.

Did you know that you could quickly soften a rock-hard brick of brown sugar?  Simply wrap the sugar in foil, heat the oven to 300 degrees, and pop it in for five minutes.  Your brown sugar will be soft and ready to use for that peach cobbler you’ve been thinking of making.  (Save me a piece!)

Did you know that aluminum foil eliminates static cling?  If you run out of dryer sheets, grab some foil, ball it up, toss it in with the wet clothes, and dry as usual.  The foil attracts the static, so clothes are cling-free.

Did you know foil is useful in ironing?  To make ironing easier and faster, lift up your ironing board cover, place a single layer of aluminum foil on the top of the board, and replace the cover.  The foil will help to retain heat and your pressed clothes will look great with less effort!

Did you know foil is a sharpener?  If you have dull scissors, place several layers of foil together and cut through the foil several times.  You’ll notice the difference. 

I really like finding new uses for common things like aluminum foil.  I hope that you can use some of these tips or be inspired to think of some new ones.  When you decide to soften the brown sugar and make a yummy, homemade dessert, please do me a favor.  Cut a piece, wrap it up for me in some aluminum foil, and call me so I can come pick it up (seriously).  Enjoy!


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