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Feb 09th

So much to discover: Start cashing in on the web

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couponsistaAfter a recent Sunday morning church service, Stacie and I struck up a conversation in our fellowship café. She informed me that she is a professional blogger and thought my readers would be interested in following her dollar-stretching blog at While I was excited to hear that one of my Christian sisters is finding creative ways to make money and help others, I was really excited to hear that the focus is on discovering bargains (a woman after my own heart, sniff).

On her blog you’ll find information on freebies, discounts, and coupons from retailers and manufacturers. In honor of her recent birthday, she even listed a whole page of restaurants, retailers, and specialty shops that offer free (or discounted) birthday treats For my next b-day, I’m going to try to hit them all! If you want the 4-1-1 on how to snag some great deals, be sure to check out Stacie’s blog

More and more, people like Stacie are combining their passions with their entrepreneurial spirit and coming up with ways to earn money on the web. Becoming a professional blogger is certainly one of them. You’re probably asking, “What exactly is a professional blogger and how exactly do you make money doing it?” In a nutshell, a professional blogger is usually a person who starts off talking or writing about a hobby, interest, or topic that is personally meaningful, and then realizes that knowledge has money-making potential. To make the money, the blogger signs up to have her blog linked to various store websites, and when viewers click on the links and make purchases, the blogger can earn a commission-anywhere from 2%-15%- from that sale.

Those experienced bloggers who have built a strong following can earn from $10 to $100 (or more) by writing and posting their opinions and reviews about products or services. While some experienced bloggers can make a six-figure income, like any start-up business, it requires much patience and perseverance to achieve those types of results. Successful bloggers make posts at least daily, and have easy-to-follow sites. You can get started with a free blog at or Your next step is to sign-up with an affiliate program, which gets you connected with the store websites. One of the large ones is

There is just so much to discover on the world-wide-web! Whether your aim is so save money by finding deals, or make money to pay your bills, there is room for all! Become inspired by folks like our own local blogging sista, Stacie, in one of two ways: 1. Step out of your comfort zone and consider starting a blog-whether for fun or for profit.  2.  Discover some new blogs to follow (like that help to enhance your life in some way.  Happy blogging.  Enjoy!

Marcia Humphrey is an interior decorator and home stager who specializes in achieving high style at low costs. A native of Michigan, she and her husband, Lonnie, have three children.

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