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Feb 06th

Elle Babington Steele pens first book after devastating loss

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Author Elle Babington Steele felt a calling to write her book "Run Your Race: How to Keep Going When Life Wears You Out" after a devastating event that changed her life.

"The book was inspired by the traumatic experience that followed the birth of my daughter, Dakota Sky," said Babington Steele. "This experience called upon me to evaluate my life." Her daughter passed away 30 minutes after birth because of a heart-related birth defect.

The insightful writer realized she had to continue living her life. "Each day following the experience I had to wake up and keep moving in spite of what I had gone through," said Babington Steele. "I was in a space where I was continuously seeking out what I needed to do to keep moving forward."

After motivating herself, Babington Steele decided to find a way to reach out to others. "As I discovered those things that kept me going, they became revelations to pass on to others," said Babington Steele. "Thus, I began writing my first book."

Babington Steele hopes her book will encourage others as well. "After reading the book maybe those who are discouraged will feel like, 'since someone showed me how to do it, maybe I will give it a try'," said the hopeful author.

Babington Steele also shared key advice from her book. "I recommend that people take the appropriate amount of time to mourn or recover from a challenging life experience," said Babington Steele. "But at some point life calls upon you to either move forward, stay where you are or go backwards. The choice is yours."

"Run Your Race: How to Keep Going When Life Wears You Out" is now available to purchase on Amazon in eBook and paperback format.

Babington Steele will have an official book launch on Feb. 8th at Open Book, 1011 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, at 5:30 p.m. This event is open to the public. For more information visit

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