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Feb 11th

Three steps to a happier new you in the New Year!

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new yearsAnother New Year is upon us. This is a good time to make lasting resolutions. I am a firm believer that if you change nothing, then nothing will change. To be better and happier, you have to be willing to make changes. These changes must come from within you. Small changes inwardly can have monumental impact outwardly. Start the New Year off with change for the better. Here are three steps to a happier new you in the New Year.

Step one, feed yourself positive information. You are the one who will ensure your brain has the information that it needs to make your life successful. One of the saying in computer lingo is "garbage in, garbage out." This means if you only feed your brain junk, it can only produce junk. When you discipline yourself to feed your mind the most powerful, positive information available, it will produce the most positive, powerful outcomes. The things you listen to, watch, read, and the people you associate with are all a part of your success model. As you go into the New Year, take a class, read a book, or take some direct action that will feed you positive information.

Step two, develop a personal mission statement. In 2014, take control of your life by actively steering it in the direction that you want to go. When you determine what you want your output to be, you are able write your life's plan to bring it to pass. Letting your life run on the default program that is created from life's mistakes, mishaps, and shortcomings is never good. If you do not write your positive life's story, the negative one will be the only one people read. Establish a mission plan, write your personal vision statement and the upcoming year will be one of the greatest ever. Greatness comes to those who earnestly seek after it.

Step three, make adjustments along the way. Life is not a single action or event. Things change constantly. The environment that you live in is not static, so your life's sequencer must continually evolve. In your life's program, there are upgrades, new versions, and corrections that are needed. Mistakes happen. Bad things happen. Adjust. Those who rewrite their life's story, rewrite it to have a happy ending. The quicker you are able to adjust to life's mishaps, the sooner you can redirect it back on course. In the upcoming year, learn to adjust and roll with the punches.

In the New Year, resolve to be a new you. Using these steps will lead to a happier and better you. You have the power to rewrite your life's story. Your choices today will determine your successful tomorrow. Make sure you feed your brain positive energy and information. Develop a personal mission statement and be willing to make adjustments throughout the year. These simple steps will lead to a happier you and a happy New Year.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. To get copies of his books, for questions, comments or more information, go to

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