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Feb 13th

A good heart makes a good man

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Picture a man running a marathon. At some point that man will hit what runners call "the wall." This is the point where the man's body begins to rebel against him. His head, feet, lungs, and kidneys, and body all tell him that he is not able to continue. His mind also begins to revolt against him. His thoughts are now cloudy, and the thought of quitting is now at the forefront of his mind. But this man does not quit because his heart will not allow him to do so. His heart overrides what his mind and body is telling him. A man's heart is the ruling factor in his action. His mind and body have no choice but to comply.

The heart of man is the true driving force to his actions. The original man was from the dust of the ground, and although the quality of the dirt itself differs greatly since then, the potential that dirt possesses is still noteworthy. Everything that we see with our eyes came from the ground (or from other things that came from the ground). Every car, computer, house, oil rig, nuclear energy plant, spaceship and skyscraper came from dirt. Both diamonds and dynamite come for the same ground. The same is true for man. Out of him (his actions) will be good or bad and sometimes both, depending on the condition of this heart.

For dust you are and dust you will return (Genesis 3:19). The analogy between man and dirt is more than what meets the eye. The best of both man and the dirt from which he was created lies below the surface in that both can nourish. The natural and spiritual ground a man occupies is full of nourishment. This spiritual nourishment is manifested in the words and actions a man produces for the good of mankind. A good man produces more than what was originally invested in him. He makes those in his circle of influence better.

All men have in them the potential to produce both diamonds and dynamite, and all women prefer diamonds over dynamite. The challenge is getting them to understand that the same ground produces them both. The better she understands man, whom she cannot control, the more she is empowered to evaluate her choices which she is able to control. A woman is most powerful when she is able to make a clear distinction between the many and various types of men, and the ground or heart she is currently dealing with. After making this separation, she then will only allow the men in her spear of control who will add enrichment to her life.

It is the heart of a man that makes him good. Men who have good hearts are good ground that produces jewels. More importantly, like the earth, these men serve as nourishment for other seeds that will become plants or metaphorically speaking, dreams. These dreams or ideas are like stems which are the thoughts that come up out of man and extend themselves to others. Because these thoughts are generated by his heart, rich soil will produce a good harvest. Those around him become better. A good man has a good heart and is a good husband, father, and friend.

Timothy Houston is an author, minister, and motivational speaker who is committed to guiding positive life changes in families and communities. For questions, comments or more information, go to


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