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Aug 28th


Colonoscopy Prep App for iPhone and Android Smartphone

Colonoscopy Prep App for iPhone and Android SmartphoneColonoscopy Prep Assistant, as its name suggests, is an app that supports a patient during the colonoscopy procedure preparation when a patient is required to ingest a liquid laxative. The app tracks the number of glasses completed and time between glasses, notifying the patient when it's time to drink their next glass. It is available free for iPhone and the Android Smartphone.

Procedure preparation apps can offer significant benefits to patients and providers. Arun Swaminath, Associate Director of the IBD Center at Columbia University Medical Center, says "Thorough bowel preparation allows me to identify the smallest polyps or cancers. In addition, good prep shortens the procedure's duration, making it safer for patients. Strict adherence to prep instructions allows for the highest quality colonoscopy."

Wal-Mart Launches Initiative to Make Food Healthier and Healthier Food Affordable

The five points of the star that marks Wal-Mart’s new stellar initiative to provide its customers with healthier and more affordable food choices were announced Jan 20, at THEARC in Southeast Washington DC in the presence of First Lady Michelle Obama.

1.    Reformulating thousands of everyday packaged food items by 2015: Reduce sodium by 25% and added sugars by 10%, and remove all remaining industrially produced trans fats.
2.    Making healthier choices more affordable:, Will be done through a variety of sourcing, pricing, transportation and logistical initiatives that will drive unnecessary costs out of the supply chain. Also the price premium on key ‘better-for-you’ items, such as reduced sodium, sugar or fat products will be eliminated
3.    Developing strong criteria for a simple front-of-package seal: This will help consumers instantly identify truly healthier food options such as whole grain cereal, whole wheat pasta or unsweetened canned fruit
4.    Providing solutions to address food deserts: Sores will be built in underserved communities that are in need of fresh and affordable groceries
5.    Increasing charitable support for nutrition programs: Consumers will be educated about healthier food solutions and choices.

Number of adverse health events in MN hospitals

Total events increased from 301 to 305

The number of adverse events in Minnesota hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and community behavioral health hospitals increased from 301 in 2009 to 305 in 2010, according to a report released today by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). The seventh annual adverse health events report summarizes the number and types of events that occurred between October 7, 2009, and October 6, 2010, in the roughly 200 facilities covered by the adverse health events reporting law. The 305 events were reported by 60 hospitals and two surgical centers.

Hennepin program targeting youth tobacco use in communities of color loses funding

Hennepin program targeting youth tobacco use in communities of color loses fundingTobacco-related disease is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, claiming the lives of more than 1,200 Americans every day and 5,000 Minnesotans each year. The implications related to tobacco use continue to be a huge concern, especially in terms of health care costs. According to the 2010 Healthcare Costs and Smoking report, smoking was responsible for $2.87 billion in excess medical care in Minnesota in 2007—a per capita cost of $554 for every man, woman and child in the state. $2.87 billion could buy our state five brand new Target Fields or pay four years of tuition for 57,000 students.

Despite these humongous figures staring at us, the Northwest Hennepin Human Services Council (NWHHSC) recently received notification that its Tobacco-Free Youth (TFY)-Start Noticing program will not receive funding in 2011, ending a program that has worked since 2007 to prevent youth tobacco use by countering tobacco industry tactics to hook kids.

Einstein's equation and weight management

Popular diets highlight carbohydrate, protein or fat as the best way to lose weight. However, a 2009 Harvard School of Public Health report reveals that a comparison of overweight participants assigned to four different diets over a two-year period showed that reducing calories achieved weight loss regardless of which of the three nutrients was emphasized.

This confirms the observation in the National Academy of Sciences 2005 Dietary Reference Intake manual that a certain amount of calories are required for a person to maintain a certain weight.

"Greening up" professional sports

Dear EarthTalk: What’s being done to “green up” professional sports? I know that the last two Olympic Games both made some effort, but are there others? -- Rob Avandic, Chicago, IL

The last two Olympics were indeed greener than any before, but environmental awareness isn’t limited to the realm of international amateur competition. In fact, in just the last few years all of the major professional North American sports leagues have made strides in greening their operations.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has helped blaze the trail through its “Greening the Games” initiative. Since 2003, when the National Football League’s (NFL) Philadelphia Eagles turned to NRDC for help saving energy and reducing waste, NRDC has helped dozens of pro teams evaluate their environmental impacts and make changes. Today the Eagles obtain all of their energy at Lincoln Field from wind power, pour fans’ beverages in biodegradable corn-based plastic cups, power their scoreboard with solar panels and have reduced electricity use overall by a third. The NFL itself has also jumped on the bandwagon, implementing various green initiatives at the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl and other big events.

A natural menopause remedy

The ANTIAGING Institute of California advises women about the time in their lives when menopause is most likely to start. It is not possible to predict exactly when a woman will go through menopause, as it can vary with each individual, but the average age for menopause in United States is 53. It is not unusual, though, for some women to experience menopause in their forties and others to experience it in late fifties.
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