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Oct 04th


Community Meetings Healthcare Choices Presented by Medica

Medica will be hosting a series of community meetings throughout Hennepin County to inform the community about the upcoming changes to Medicaid managed care in 2012. The purpose of the meetings is to explain the coverage changes and for participants to learn their options to make the best choice individually and/or for their families. Listed is the current schedule for the meetings.

Growing Up Without a Father: The Impact on Girls and Women

In his book, Life Without Father, David Popenoe, wrote: “Growing up without a father may be a root cause of many social ills—from crime to academic failure.”  In a sense, it is easy to assume that fathers play powerful roles in the lives of their sons and daughters.  When I think of my father, words like “tall, funny, strong, handsome, religious, available, patient, protective, wise, respected, tender-hearted, safe, responsible, and loving” come to mind.  He was twenty-two years older than my mother was and was sick most of my life (with coronary disease).  He had six heart attacks by the time I was six years old. 

Spooky, scary situations: Helping kids cope with fear

When I was a little girl, I had a HUGE imagination.  There was always a monster under my bed, a boogey-man in the closet or something at my window.  At night, I would hear every creaky sound in the house -- even the stuffed animals and clothes (which were supposed to be hung up) would move!  I had fears about bugs, spiders, dogs, snakes, zombies and vampires—especially vampires.  I would wear my cross to bed and even put a clove of garlic under my pillow for good measure.  My dad would fuss at me and say:  “It’s not the dead—but the living you need to worry about.”  My mother would simply get annoyed because she needed her garlic in the kitchen and my bedroom smelled like “goat sweat.” 

The psychology of racism and the right to be stupid (Part III)

In last week’s article, I began the discussion of how racism is created and destructively maintained. This final segment of the article will conclude with the discussion of factors around racism and its maintenance, but more importantly, this segment will provide the reader with concrete strategies to overcome racism in our personal, professional and political lives.

"Northside Fresh" working to improve access to healthy foods in North Minneapolis

Coalition officially kicks off on Food Day—October 24

Seventy-nine community-based organizations and individuals committed to the North Minneapolis food environment and promoting economic development opportunities for North Minneapolis residents have come together to create Northside Fresh.

The Psychology of Racism and The Right to Be Stupid (Part II)

In last week’s article, I began to address the psychology of racism and the “stupid” decisions that people make because of their adherence to pro-racists beliefs.  In Part Two of this article, I will continue to discuss the psychology of how racism is created, destructively maintained, and overcome in our personal and political lives.

Youth get eye exams, glasses at MUL clinic

Youth get eye exams, glasses at MUL clinicMore than 600 youth received free vision care including full vision exams and new eyewear last week during a OneSight Clinic held in Minneapolis. The weeklong event was sponsored by Target Optical.

OneSight worked with MUL staff to reconfigure the Minneapolis Urban League building at 2000 Plymouth Ave. into a temporary clinic during the week of October 3-7.  The OneSight “Vision Van” was parked prominently in the lot, and served as an auxiliary clinic for making specialized eyewear.
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