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Aug 28th


Should I recycle my disposable batteries?

Should I recycle my disposable batteries?Dear EarthTalk: Can I throw my old disposable batteries in the trash or is there a way to recycle them? -- Jennifer Brandstrom, Chicago, IL

Taking responsibility for testicular cancer

Taking responsibility for testicular cancerTesticular Cancer Awareness Month, April, is over, but that doesn’t mean men should forget about testicular cancer prevention.

Asthma discovery may lead to new therapeutic approach

Asthma discovery may lead to new therapeutic approachMayo Clinic researchers and collaborators have discovered a key cellular mechanism that contributes to bronchoconstriction and inflammation in asthma. Their studies may lead to a novel, effective asthma therapy for patients. The findings appear in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

PARENTING: Don't Wait, Vaccinate: Protect Infants from Deadly Diseases

PARENTING: Don't Wait, Vaccinate: Protect Infants from Deadly Diseases(StatePoint) It may seem like diseases like polio, measles and whooping cough are a thing of the past. But the 2014-15 measles outbreak is a stark reminder that these viruses still circulate and children who are not immunized are at risk.

Stemming the tide against Alzheimer's disease

Stemming the tide against Alzheimer's diseaseMany of us know a loved one who has faced Alzheimer's disease. It's a wrenching experience—watching them slowly slip away, trying to be a source of comfort and companionship, even as a cure remains painfully out of reach. Alzheimer's has come to be known as the "long goodbye," a disease that gradually takes its toll on millions of people in Minnesota and across the country every year.

Eat Carbs-No Weight Gain!

Eat Carbs-No Weight Gain!The much-maligned carbohydrate (an essential, macro nutrient) has been touted as the bane of your dietary existence for too long. Don't worry, you can eat your comfort food carbohydrate favorites without the guilt that often comes with consuming them and you don't have to pack on dreaded pounds when you do. Instead of banning pasta, potato chips, ice cream, and those hi-carb foods that send you swooning every time you catch a whiff of their gooey goodness, I encourage you to proceed without the caution using the small tweaks I give you below. Here are my Top 4 Carb Fixes that deliver on taste, while lowering the calorie and carb content:

Worried about the cost of shots? The MnVFC program can help

Worried about the cost of shots? The MnVFC program can helpMaria is the mom of a 12-month-old who is due for her next well child check-up with the doctor. Like any other parent, she wants what is best for her child. She knows that getting her daughter vaccinated is an important thing to do to protect her from dangerous diseases.
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