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Feb 06th

(Health and Wellness) Ideas to motivate you to get regular exercise

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exerciseI’ll do it tomorrow!  Wait until this T.V. show is over!  I’m to busy!  It will take too much time!  I’m sleepy! 

These are some of the many excuses that people use to avoid exercising regularly.  Most people know it is important to get some form of exercise, but do not have motivation to do so.  Motivation to exercise differs from person to person.  So what exactly does it take to get you motivated to move?
This article will give readers some basic ideas that can get them motivated to exercise just a little more.  All of the following ideas may not be for you, but hopefully, you may be able to use at least one motivational idea.

Workout in 10 minute increments – Instead of feeling like you have to workout for 30-40 minutes at a time, workout for shorter periods.  During your lunch break, take a 10-minute power walk.  Or at some other point in the day, do 10 minutes of leg or stomach work.  If you do three or four 10-minute workouts in a day, you will have gotten in your daily workouts in 10 minute sessions.

Imagine getting fine in five – You can do 5 squats at a time instead of doing many.  Whenever you have an extra few seconds, you can do 5 squats, or 5 calf raise, or 5 crunches, or even a five-minute jog.  If you apply this method 5 times per hour, you can get 25 repititions done in one hour from a combination of exercising, or from doing the same exercise.

Clearly define why you want to excercise – By knowing what your personal motivation is to exercise, you may not compare yourself to others so often.  Do you want to lose weight?  Do you want to tone or add muscle?  Are you interested in improving your cardiovascular health?  Get to know and understand your own personal motivation, so you will be better able to meet your goals (Greg Landry, Author and exercise physiologist).

Reward yourself - By giving yourself a reward for all your hard work, you can do something else to make yourself feel good.  According to Greg Landry, one of his clients put away $3 every time she worked out and would do something with the approximate $70 /month she saved.

Take a picture of yourself – Take a current picture of yourself, and then every few weeks, take another picture!  By doing this every four weeks you will be able to visually enjoy the results of your efforts!  You’ll also get praises from others that will help with your motivation to exercise (Cindy Brotherston, Certified Fitness Trainer).

Keep a journal – Try keeping a journal monitoring your progress.  Record how you feel before and after your workouts.  Write down what exercises you like doing.  Also jot down your personal goals on a daily and weekly basis and be sure to go back a read how you felt.  Be sure to record the good and bad days as well as the easy and hard ones, realizing it is all normal.  Remember, that exercising is not always easy – quitting is always easier than starting.

Bonus Tip:  Surround yourself with people who believe in exercising and being healthy and join them or start your own exercise club.  Be sure to contact a qualified health professional before you begin a new workout routine.

Brandi Phillips is a life skills therapist, personal trainer and professional dancer.  Her motivation to provide quality fitness services that cultivate healthy children and sustain healthy seniors.


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