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Feb 07th

(Health and Wellness) Stop smoking, it can improve your life

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Smoking is a habit that millions of people across the world fight. Most people would prefer not to have this habit, but unfortunately they find it very hard to quit. Although smoking is the most common way of ingesting tobacco, it is also consumed by chewing and sniffing.
For some, smoking temporarily relieves mental and emotional stress. It also gives some people a nicotine high similar to highs of other drugs, although it may not be as intense. Smoking is also used in social activities while reading, drinking coffee, entertaining friends, working or watching TV.

Although smoking can be comforting and provide habitual relief in social situations, smoking causes many health problems. One thing that will most definitely change is the texture, hydration, look and feel of you skin, both on your face and the rest of the body.

The elasticity and pliability of your lungs changes when you smoke.  Another change in our bodies that can be caused by smoking is the vocal cords and the sounds of our voices. Our voices get deeper because of the abuse and some people experience cysts and tumors, both benign and malignant.

This article will give you some ideas about ways to rebuild your body while you are trying to kick the habit. These suggestions have been taken from the book, Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing.

Essentials:  It is essential to take the Coenzyme Q10, which aids in oxygen flow to the brain, protects heart tissue and protects the heart and lungs, by acting as an antioxidant. Vitamin C is essential because it protects cells from damage since Vitamin C it is seriously depleted when smoking. Vitamins B-Complex and E will also protect cells from further damage and help repair previous damage.

Very Important:  Vitamin A is important because it is helpful in healing the mucous membranes.  Zinc is very important in the function of your immune system and will improve the systems ability to function appropriately.

Helpful: Grape Seed Extract, L-cycteine, L-methionine. The first in this group helps to seek out free radicals (bad/infectious germs), acting as an antioxidant. The last two supplements act as detoxifiers that protect the brain, lungs, liver and tissues from cigarette smoke. Taking a multi-vitamin supplemented with selenium will also improve immune function.

Food Recommendations
: Eat plenty of green vegetables, eat onions or garlic or take a garlic supplement, avoid junk foods containing sugar, saturated fats and white flour.  Also avoid alcohol, coffee and teas that are not herbal. Also avoid animal proteins except broiled fish. Avoid luncheon meats, hot dogs or other processed meats.  One last food that you may want to reduce, but not totally eliminate is peanuts. (Taken from Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing)

If you have any concerns regarding quitting smoking, please contact your health care provider immediately, so you can improve the quality and length of your life.

Brandi Phillips is a professional life skills coach and personal trainer specializing in the health and wellness of our youth and seniors.


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