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Feb 13th

Fit Lab / Insight2Health Testimonials

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1 4 21-jeff jeffersonJeff Jefferson

On March 15, I was 380 pounds, my A1c level was a 13 (which translates to a better than average chance of developing complications from diabetes), I was on six different medications for hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes and my self esteem and energy level was at an all time low and I felt like garbage.

As of July 13, I weighed in at 333 pounds (and counting down), my a1c level was one half point from normal, I have eliminated two medications (and counting), I look better, I feel better and I can't sit my butt down. If it were not for Tyrone Minor, Jamie Minor, The Fit Lab, Insight News, the Insight2Health challenge, my "lab partners" Erick Goodlow, Adero Riser Cobb, Jelanna Donaby, Anna Williams Al McFarlane and the rest, I would still have at least one foot in the grave. I consider you all blessings from the Most High and will ride for you forever. Tyrone and Jamie have provided a way out of the hellhole of poor health and for that, I owe them my life.

Now, how's that for a testimony?

adero-riserAdero Riser Cobb

Tyrone "Chizel" Minor has been very instrumental in my continued journey to get healthier and get fit.

He has been my go to fitness guru. His wife, Jamie Minor, has been wonderful with sharing tips, recipes and answering any questions I have had; as well as introducing me to the world of yoga. The opening of The Fit Lab has allowed me to have a place to go, to take fitness to the next level. In conjunction with Insight News, the Insight2Health Fitness Challenge has assisted in a complete lifestyle change for me. Having the ability to workout with fabulous trainers (Tyrone, Jamie, Adam, Rachel and Dan) up to five days a week, work with life coach Michelle - Energized Coaching, LLC and nutrition coach Julie Sound Nutrition, I have been able to work on my journey of completely living a healthier lifestyle.

The Insight2Health Challenge completely works on mind (life coach), body (trainers) and nourishment/eating (nutrition coach) allowing for consistent reinforcement and support during my transition. I lost 23 pounds during my first 10-week Insight2Health Fitness Challenge and I am still losing weight. I could have had 1,000 reasons why I could have stayed in the mindset to remain unfit – time, money, parenting and a bad ankle to name a few. When I let go of the excuses and made the decision to get healthier, nothing could (can) stop me. I have had ankle surgery and the trainers assist with modifications so I am able to get a great workout. This is not a diet or a quick fix; I am on the pursuit of healthier living. Not only is Insight2Health a great program, the camaraderie of the other participants also assist holding each other accountable for support, encouragement and I look forward to seeing them at every workout. I wanted to take a moment to thank Tyrone Minor, Jamie Minor and Al McFarlane for making this possible.

g-rockErick Goodlow

The Insight2Health Fitness Challenge has been the jump-start I needed towards a healthier life and a weight loss total (since August 2013) of 30 pounds.

My boy since grade school, Tyrone Minor (aka Chizel, Inc.), his lovely wife Jamie Minor, Adam Stein, Rachel Schutz and Dan Bandy are the engines that get the train moving. But I get just as much energy and motivation from all my brothers and sisters (Jeff Jefferson, Jelanna Donaby, Al McFarlane aka "Mac," Aneesha Kelly, Adero Riser, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cummings, Preston Cunningham, Charlene Bradley and her mos who gets it in just to name a few.

The focus never stops and there is no value you can place on extending your life and feeling more healthy, especially as you get older. Thanks again and like that energizer bunny, lets keep going and going and going.

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