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Feb 07th


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insight 2 health 046Master trainer Tyron Minor keeps the Insight2Health Fitness Challenge participants on track with praise (where deserved) and the promise of pain.

He recently wrote:

"Hello all. You're five weeks into your new life and there is no turning back now. Whether you're seeing tremendous results on the scale, in the way your clothes fit or in the changes you've made with your eating, now is the time to focus on the positive strides you've made thus far.

Often times in our quest to change for the better, we tend to only focus on the destination while failing to enjoy the journey. My request of you is to look back on the first five weeks, jot down all the positive things you have done since starting the challenge and what great things lie ahead over the last five weeks. Also know that all of us at the F.I.T. Lab care about your success and are pulling for you to make the lifestyle change that you all are hoping to attain.

Here are some of the highlights that we have documented over the first five weeks:

Our top three lifestyle points earners are:

Women Men
Adero - 23 Jeff - 18
Chardae - 22 Al - 17
Jelanna & Rosanna - 21 Brandon - 16

For the ladies, Adero has made it to an amazing 24 out of 25 workouts, and on the men's side, Jeff has been flawless attending 25 out of 25 workouts. As a collective bunch, you have attended a combined total of 298 workouts.

So when you think you should be further along at this point, instead I challenge you to focus on how far you have come.

Now it's my job as the head trainer to turn it up and raise the bar.

Rest up peeps. Tomorrow will be special!"

insightnews050514Eric Goodlow – we know him as G-Rock – responded by saying, "My thoughts are on us being in the second half and from a sports mindset it is, as they say, the most important half. It's not how you start but how you finish. As I have been here before, I know it is at this point that our minds are most determined to provide excuses or reasoning for why we would be OK with letting a significant monetary investment in the Fitness Challenge participation fee, go to waste.

"As Chizel (Tyrone Minor) himself always says, 'our minds will give up way before our bodies will.' This is the time at which this lifestyle change can truly become one in which your body craves the activities and healthy food options you are starting to embrace. So at this point I offer two suggestions and words of encouragement for our minds. Our bodies have already accepted the change.

"My suggestions from experience, one, keep focusing on drinking water, and two, schedule your time for fitness just like you do work, meetings, children's activities, etc. (even on the weekends) on your calendars, smart phones, work calendars or whatever. Nothing wrong with having an appointment for your health even if for a few minutes a day."

Goodlow offered these words of encouragement.

"Success stops when you do ... don't stop. If you don't start you certainly won't arrive. Remember, we are already past the halfway point. We often fear the thing we want most. I can see how much this is wanted. Don't be afraid. Life is what's coming, not what was. How we got here no longer is a concern. No one can ruin your day without your permission. When things go wrong, don't go with them."

In Goodlow's note to me, he wrote, "Mac, thanks for your role, encouragement and support in our efforts to change our lives."

My note to Goodlow and Minor and all the fitness challenge participants is, "Your comments are 1000 percent on point and, truth be told, the act of making the statement is what this fitness challenge is all about. We are changing the conversation among us and changing the conversation in our community. We are defining the problem and by our determination, demonstrating the solution. We are the paradigm shift. Thanks brothers. Keep working and keep writing. In the old days we called it kicking (butt) and taking names. Peace."

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