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Feb 06th

Putting in the work

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putting in the workWe are three weeks into Session II of our Insight2Health Fitness Challenge now and everybody is stepping up their game. The Challenge, a collaboration between McFarlane Media Interests and The Fit Lab, Inc., of St. Paul, is a 10-week intense fitness training program that includes weekly interaction with a registered dietitian and a certified life coach. The core of the program, however, is embracing the demanding workouts directed by top-rank personal trainers under the direction fitness guru and Fit Lab owner, Tyrone Minor.

The goal is to introduce us to, and get our complete buy in for, a fitness and lifestyle initiative designed to promote measurable and long-lasting health and fitness outcomes for program participants.

And there is a larger, community goal as well. We each are agreeing to become champions, advocates of lifestyle changes in our community that are sustainable.

Session II started on March 15; it was just a check in, meet and greet and get measured/set goals day. No work. Just an opportunity to feel good about being in the program and act on resolutions to make better, healthier choices when it comes to food and incorporating fitness into our lives. Being there meant we broke through the excuse barrier. All of us, everyone one of us, always find a million reasons to not exercise, and/or to keep binge-driven food habits in control of our lives.

insight 2 health 080But being here, being present, being ready to work, felt so good.

Then came Monday.

Though I had been working with Tyrone Minor as a personal trainer for over a year, I deluded myself into thinking the work would be easier, the scrutiny less intense, if I was just one of the crowd. Almost 30 signed up for this, the second round of the Insight2Health Fitness Challenge. This season's challenge differs from the inaugural session in that we are not organized into competing teams, operating as workgroups in competition with other teams. This year, we are competing against ourselves. Minor and his taskmasters remind us that our foe is formidable. And they demand that we dig deep...all the time.

Next post: I feel like throwing up.....and I'm smiling.

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