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Feb 07th

Giving back never looked so good

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it worksGiving back never looked as good as it did when It Works! consultants donated their time and talent to support the Jeremiah Program.

Guests had the opportunity to experience a full makeover that included a manicure, facial, make-up application and even an It Works! stomach wrap. Guests also were able to shop BLS Styles, an online boutique and purchase some of company's products.

"We want our patrons to leave feeling like they were spoiled and they got to help someone else," said 35-year-old It Works! distributor Sparkle Wimberly. "We want them to come out, enjoy themselves, be pampered and leave knowing that their dollars went toward supporting something bigger than themselves."

These distributors were inspired to give back after attending a work event in Seattle. They chose the Jeremiah Program because its mission aligned with their own. The Jeremiah Program is a Twin Cities based initiative focused on helping single mothers successfully provide for themselves and their children. Its model is built on providing quality early childhood education, safe and affordable housing, life skills and empowerment education.

Area It Works! distributors' goal was to not only help the women of the Jeremiah Program by donating money, but by offering skills and training so that the young women being serviced by the program could possibly become their own independent IT Works! distributors.

"My main focus is health and wellness," said Nicole Pacini, 42. "So I want people to understand the importance of health and wellness. That's really what It Works! is all about, taking care of your self inside and out."

Pacini's attention to health and wellness caught the eye of 30-year-old Desralynn Cole, who was inspired by her story and decided try out some of the company's products.

"The Greens are just excellent, because there are no carbs in them," said Cole who has Type I Diabetes. "Being able to get all my vitamins and all of the nutrients and still maintain carb intake is phenomenal."

Cole also uses the product Fat Fighters, which helps with food maintenance and control.

"Every girl wants a cheat day, but the goal in mind is to stay focused on some weight goals and some fitness goals and so Fat Fighters helps you keep the goal," said Cole.

For each service provided, $5 was donated to the Jeremiah program.

Fellow partner and consultant, Beverly Coleman, was honored to know that her work would potentially help change the life of another individual.

"To have a program like this that gives people support, encouragement and direction is a wonderful thing," said the 42-year-old Coleman. "You've got to always be willing to give back and do more, especially for young women. That will teach them to go and do it for somebody else."

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