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Feb 12th

What to eat when eating out

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couple salad sRemembering to eat healthful foods can sometimes be challenging when you're not in your own kitchen. But it doesn't have to be. "There are many things you can ask restaurants," said Shirley Winslett, registered dietitian with Owatonna Hospital, part of Allina Health. "You can ask how the food is cooked; if it's cooked with butter, ask if they can cook with oil instead."

Other tips include ordering salad dressing on the side, putting extra sauces on the side, including a vegetable — whether it's a salad or greens — and choosing water over sweetened drinks, such as soda.

Winslett also advises restaurant-goers to think of "healthy words," like steamed, baked, broiled or grilled and avoid words like fried, breaded, saucy and creamy. Ask about portion sizes and remember proteins don't need to be any larger than a deck of cards, starches should be about the size of a fist and salads about the size of two fists. When it comes to dessert, choose fruit rather than cake, pie or muffins.

"Another typical mistake is ordering 'fat-free,'" said Winslett. "People think it's healthier or doesn't have the calories but this is a common misconception; it usually does and doesn't leave the person satisfied, causing him or her to overeat."

Source: AllinaHealth

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