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Feb 08th

"The Power of a Women's College" teen conference

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"The Power of a Women's College Conference on Saturday, October 30, 2010 on the beautiful Campus of St. Catherine's University.   The conference will take place at Whitby Hall on 2004 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN.  Girls in Motion, MN Inc. encourages young ladies as they prepare for their college career, to consider the choice? The choice to attend a women’s college!

According to the Women’s College Coalition and the results of a survey done by NSSE (the National Survey of Student Engagement), students who attend a women’s college enjoy many benefits:

1.) They are more engaged than their peers at coeducational institutions.
2.) They are more likely to experience high levels of academic challenge.
3.) They engage in active and collaborative learning to a higher degree.
4.) They take part in activities that integrate their classroom and outside of classroom experiences more than their counterparts at coeducational institutions.
5.) They report greater gains of self-understanding and self-confidence.
6.) They are more likely to graduate, and more than twice as likely as female graduates of coeducational colleges to earn doctoral degrees and to enter medical school.
7.) They also earn more after graduation than their coed counterparts because they often  choose traditionally male disciplines, like the science(s), economic(s) and political science(s) as their academic majors.  Women’s colleges continue to graduate women in the math and sciences at 1.5 times the rate of coed institutions.

So why choose a women’s college? Because attending an all-women’s institution allows you to discover who you are in an intellectually focused, safe, and supportive environment that will contribute to your confidence and success. A women’s college helps you to develop the confidence and leadership skills that prepare you to interact, work, and successfully compete in today’s world.

“All colleges and universities offer opportunities to women - but women’s colleges offer EVERY opportunity to women.”  Nancy Bekava, the sixth and first female president of Scripps College.


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