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Feb 07th

Tips for building your college resume

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resumetipsOne of the biggest parts of getting into college is having a good resume to back you up. A problem for many college-bound students is that they apply to college with almost identical resumes. While it is true that colleges do have certain requirements, like good grades and proof that you have been challenging yourself by taking AP and IB courses and good SAT and ACT scores, there is more to it than that to get into the college of your choice.


As far as education goes for college, it is good to maintain an A average. The earliest starting point should be your freshman year in high school, but your sophomore year works, too. Having a good SAT and ACT score is also very helpful to get into the college of your choice. Check the website of the college you want to attend for recommended SAT and ACT scores, as well as which test the college prefers. For example, Johns Hopkins University in Maryland has a middle 50 percent SAT range for its freshman class of 670-770 for mathematics, 630-730 for critical reading and 650-730 for writing. The average high school GPA for its freshman class is 3.68.

It is imperative to show colleges that you are a good leader. Any type of leadership that that you have ever had, whether it is president of a club, team captain, showing leadership at work, leading the band, or anything that involves leadership would be good for you to put in your resume.

Summer Activities
How you spend your summer is very important to colleges. They want to know that you weren’t just sitting on the couch watching T.V. These activities also give you a chance to get really creative with what you do and that is what colleges love. For example, my friend Genet has spent her summers making and selling handmade jewelry at local arts events. This is something she should add to her resume because it shows that she is a hard worker, creative, and good at marketing. Another friend of mine, Julia, is a camp counselor for a summer camp. This shows great leadership in that she is able to organize activities for young kids. The writing that I am doing for Insight News right now is great to put in my college resume because it shows that I can write as a journalist and meet deadlines.

Volunteering is always good to put on your college resume. A friend of mine, Bert, volunteers every Thursday at a local refugee center. Your local Good Will, library, pet shelter and many other nonprofit agencies take youth as a volunteers.

There are websites to help youth with jobs and volunteer ideas as well as agencies that provide scholarships for volunteering. These websites include: StepUp program sponsored by the city of Minneapolis ( and Globe Aware ( which helps students with global volunteering activities;

Summer Activities, leadership activities, and keeping good grades are key for having a good resume for college and even your future jobs. Some colleges look at more things than others like types of study and what you mostly focus on. Like if I wanted to go to Johns Hopkins I might want to go to more medical camps than music camps. Once again check the website of your college of choice to plan it out yourself.


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