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Feb 07th


Turning Point: Non-profits helping non-profits

Non-profits such as The Neighborhood Hub, Prayer Center and Turning Point, practice continuous efforts to assist tornado victims with basic necessities, such as food, water, clothing and hygiene products.  On August 8, Turning Point held a fund drive to deliver food and clothing for those still in need due to the tornado to other non-profits such as The Neighborhood Hub and The Prayer Center. 

Ramadan Reflections – Part 1

First and foremost, I would like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadan). My initial feelings about Ramadan were somewhat negative. The thought of no food and no water for 16 hours wasn’t pleasant especially with the record temperatures set this summer.  

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. It is considered the holiest month as it was during Ramadan in which the Holy Koran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him).  During Ramadan, Muslims observe Sawm (Fast) from dawn to dusk.

Minnesota citizens redistricting commission public meetings

Statewide commission members are seeking community input on redistricting for the state of Minnesota.  Draw the Line Minnesota, believes that those district boundaries, which can hold communities together or split them apart and ultimately impact our ability to choose meaningful representation, are best drawn by the people living in them. Citizen Commission Hearings will be held all across the state allowing members of the commission to learn directly from the people what your community looks like.

The Riverfront: A new view of North Minneapolis

The Riverfront: A new view of North MinneapolisThe August 4th meeting of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Minneapolis Riverfront Development Initiative (MRDI) told area stakeholders about benefits and opportunities that will come from restoring the Riverfront, a long neglected community asset. 

The MRDI builds on Minnesota’s rich Mississippi River heritage of passion for parks, nature and wildlife.  The initiatives goal is to bring life to places along the Upper Riverfront where neighborhoods and businesses can grow. 

The meeting at Farview Park 601 29th Av. N. provided information about RiverFIRST, the competition-winning vision for new riverfront parks along the North and Northeast sides of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.  

North Minneapolis neighborhood beat…

St. Anne's Place   
With a generous $250 donation from its foundation, the Edina Realty Marketing Department purchased and planted flower borders and a beautiful garden at St. Anne's Place. Boston Scientific donated seedlings and fresh vegetables for their heart-healthy garden. 

Next Step Housing also received a makeover in June. Volunteers Ted and Cindy Kopacek and Patti Lisberg donated trees, shrubs, flowers and lawn furniture to its newest building.

Building the power of Minnesota’s communities

With the MN Legislature often hopelessly dead-locked, nonprofits are finding new ways to ensure that communities continue to strengthen.

Sarah Catherine Walker, of the MN Second Chance Coalition, admits that we have to change the methods in how we change minds. She says that they have been working at the city and county levels to reform felony rehabilitation, in hopes of taking their successes to allies at state agencies and to local representatives.

Camp Noah help kids and families recover from disaster

Camp Noah help kids and families recover from disasterChildren, like adults, need special support to recover from losses following a natural disaster.  They may have lost their home, their own personal treasures, a daily routine and friends who may have moved to another community.

To help children recover from the recent tornado, several churches along with Lutheran Social Service of MN will be offering a week-long day camp called Camp Noah filled with music, games and fun.   Activities are designed to help children process their feelings and fears, develop resiliency and coping skills, make new friends and offer support.  Camp Noah will serve kids from first through sixth grade.  All children are welcome.
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