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Feb 11th

Not a church, a ministry

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Courtesy of Richard TerrellAt age 25, most people are still figuring out life.

Some are going back to school, while others are finishing school and either job searching, or trying to figure out what type of job they want. For one 25 year old however, this is far from the case.
Richard Terrell, from the Powderhorn Park neighborhood in South Minneapolis, has accomplished much throughout his life. A small list of accomplishments includes working at a prestigious law firm by age 16; writing and editing for a college newspaper (The Northerner), leading a weekly boys group at Richard Green Park Community School in South Minneapolis, an internship in Washington, D.C. and being a part of the Coalition of Adoption Institute; which promotes adoption and engages parents to become more efficient at foster parenting.

He has also made a conscious decision to alter his professional direction from law to ministry.

"For years, I was battling if I should be either a lawyer, or a pastor, or both," Terrell said. "For years I struggled with that."

Terrell was licensed as a minister on May 18, 2003 at age 16 by the Rev. Jimmy Ashford of Trinity Temple Missionary Baptist Church. He also started his internship at the law firm Briggs & Morgan that same year, where he would intern for eight years.

"My experience at the law firm really helped me," said Terrell. "They taught me a lot about the law, politics and the structure of a corporation. I will always give them the respect, because they opened their doors for me to intern. I was blessed to have the opportunity."

Terrell attended Ramsey International Fine Arts for his elementary education, Volunteers for America Alternative in middle school, and is a graduate of North Community High School.

Terrell achieved his Briggs and Morgan internship through STEP UP – a program of Achieve Minneapolis. A meeting with one of the STEP UP coordinators, Jessica Rogers, was pivotal in obtaining his coveted internship.

The achieving Terrell attended North Dakota State University and Normandale Community College. He attained a degree in Communications with a minor in Biblical Studies from North Central University.

"When I graduated from North Central, I was studying for the law school admissions test and debating which law school I wanted to go to," said Terrell.

With dreams to open his own law firm, become a prosecutor or an attorney general, Terrell said he was called to enter the ministry.
"Around February of this year, one night I was studying for the LSAT law school admissions test," said Terrell. "As I was reading; something told me to stop, put the books down, and start looking up seminaries. The next day, I called seminaries and began visiting them."

Terrell grew up with his mother and grandparents.

"My father was away, but I had many mentors; the biggest impacts were Dudley Smith from Briggs and Morgan, and (the) Rev. Jimmy Ashford," said Terrell.

The young minister said he is also influenced by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his pastor, the Rev. William Austin of God's Revelations Missionary Baptist Church and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Currently, Terrell is working on a preaching series including three of his sermons called "It's Time to Dream. He is also a youth minister of God's Revelation Missionary Baptist Church and has recently founded R. Terrell ministries. The mission of his ministry is to inspire, motivate and empower young people through the word of God.

"It is not a church, it's a ministry," said Terrell. "As the founder, my goal is to bridge gaps between youth at local churches and denominations."

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